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... I think regular exercise is okay and encouraged. On the same note, if you don't exercise, you may not have the healthiest body available for a baby to make a home. ... (7 replies)
... O and then just be really careful with what we eat in the 2ww but without exercising? ... (7 replies)
... For during 2ww, my gyn says to try and limit exercise then. He said that if I really do feel like exercising during the 2ww, then just keep it to a nice walk or yoga. ... (7 replies)

... Hey ladies :) In my 22 months TTC journey, I have slowly given up exercise over the course of the 22 months in the belief (or fear??) that exercise would "shake up" things inside -- esp. during the 2ww... as a result, I've put on quite a few pounds slowly... ... the most frustrating part is that - I still don't have a bfp... so obviously it did not help!!... after af... (7 replies)
... and the 2ww is more stressful than anything that will happen at work. ... (4 replies)
... During the 2ww, I try to eat as healthily as possible, lots of vegetables and protein and fruits for desserts. I exercise, but very, very lightly, more like a stroll in the park....which is good for activity and stress control. I swear, problems disappear when you're around trees and laughing children in the distance. I've also heard the pineapple juice helps with... (6 replies)
Anyone on the 2ww?
Mar 14, 2007
... I typed a whole long message and it disappeared. :( Here goes, I hope I don't forget anybody... Mapia, I know what you mean about being so comfortable on the boards. I find myself checking in with you guys before checking my email these days. :) I hope you have the best birthday on Monday. I will be praying your wishes come true next month. I wish it could've... (159 replies)
... This is good... -don't sleep on my stomach (just in case there's something there) -don't exercise (I don't do this in the non-2ww either, why change anything) -don't take pain killers -don't use my hand held back massager (afraid something might shake loose) (6 replies)
... I wanted to add a light thread to list off things we don't do each month during the 2ww "just in case" we are pg. Just for fun. ... (6 replies)
... oo hot as embies dont do well if your temp goes up and was also told you shouldnt let your temp rise too much in the 1st trimester, the nurse told me to limit my exercise to a light stroll around the park if I feel I must exercise but Im doing IVF so maybe they are just being extra cautious. ... (7 replies)
... April, Thanks for sharing your experience and plans... you are SO right... exercise is THE thing for fighting depression! ... (7 replies)
... Girls, Just wanted to chime in. I had an appointment with my regular OB doctor on Friday and he said light exercise is fine. My RE said not to do anything other than light walking. That was driving me crazy. ... (14 replies)
... I'm so sick of not doing things during the 2ww then getting a BFN, and realizing how many little things I've missed out on over the past 2 years. ... (1 replies)
... I'm definitely not going to over do it exercise wise, I'll continue to do my normal stuff but just tone it down a few notches. ... (44 replies)
... I was 240, 16dpo I was 540 on my IVF cycle and I had twins so you are well above that. You have at least one very healthy bean in there. My RE told me no aerobic exercise during the first trimester, I did pilates and walked. His rational was that you work so hard to get to this point so why take a chance. ... (44 replies)
... Thanks so much Eva and KM! It's 10:00 here and I'm still in total disbelief. I think it's going to take a while for all of this to sink in. Eva....your first beta of 440 was on what day? Today's beta was on day 15 so DH thinks that if we tested yesterday the number would be much less. We are totally in sync on twins but he's freaking out over the possibility of... (44 replies)
... That's about all I do as well - try to eat as healthy as possible, mild exercise (walking), and drinking PLENTY of water. Keeping busy for your own sanity is also a must, although it's so hard not to go crazy! (6 replies)
... O days, and then be a couch potato with the odd stroll during 2ww LOL. I saw it mention somewhere before on the boards, but whoever said it I sagree... ... (7 replies)
... Hazel, This is a great topic. I, too, have gotten soft esp around the middle for fear of doing situps or too much. After 3 1/2 years, I finally said enough is enough. I have started Yoga, Pilates, and the treadmill (much too cold and snowy to go outside yet). I noticed on my Yoga DVD there is a warning that during menstruation, to avoid doing the inverted poses. ... (7 replies)
... Holy crap though, I am having a real hard time with no exercise when there is so much snow everywhere! A guy in a pickup truck slid down our hill about an hour ago right into my car... ... (285 replies)

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