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Hi Will...firstly it is middle ear crackling, not inner is your eustacian tubes and sounds like either eustacian tube dyusfunction, possible sinus probs (does your head feel 'full'?) OR TMJD - a disorder of the jaw which can cause ear symptoms but if you dont have jaw probs then this is unlikely...sounds like a eustacian tube problem...find a new ENT who will listen properly rather than say 'Nothing is wrong'.

Hi Will,

I have exactly the same as what you have described. I have had Viral Labyrinthitis for almost 5 months now, I went to see an ENT after 3 months had passed & he told me all about my laybyrinthitis but kind of conviniently ignored my ears popping (also crackling, squeaking etc..), tinnitus etc.. eventually when I asked him he gave me some Nasonex steroid based nasal spray which I think has helped a little (still the same problem just less frequent).

Apparently in my case this is because the Virus may have left damage to my eustancian tube or something. I'm planning on going back to my ENT soon to see if anything more can be done about the problems with pressure in my ears as I am a keen diver.
Hello there,

Sounds like it's probably palatal myoclonus, a rhythmic contraction of one or both sides of the rear of the roof of the mouth. This can cause a clicking sound in the ear in some people. The fact that you refer to 'certain muscle movements in the roof of your mouth' makes this likely.

By the way if you do a search on myoclonus, don't freak out - myoclonus of other parts of the body can be associated with serious disorders, but palatal myoclonus is common. It's the equivalent of those strange jerks and twitches people get occasionally as they're falling off to sleep. As Emsybobs says, palatal myoclonus can often be associated with tmjd, or myofascial pain dysfunction, often caused by bracing your face - i.e when concentrating, or clenching or grinding your teeth.

If it's really bothering you, a short course of muscle relaxants, or valium at a low dose might sort it out.

Hope this helps,


I have the same crackling noise in my right ear. The first time I noticed it was about 5 months ago. I don't hear it during the day but when I'm relaxing in the evening I'm aware of it. I don't have it daily, and when I have it then only for about for 30 minutes. It's really weird. :confused:
thanks hbep for your info on middle ear cracking. i do clench my teeth alot and have a bad habit of popping my ears. maybe i caused this problem myself. i guess it doesnt go away. thanks again. big will

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