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I get this feeling inside my head, almost behind my eyes that really irks me. Some days it's bad and some days it's non-existant but I went through a few months where it was constant. It didn't start until about 7 months into my dizziness but I believe that I can attribute it to the inner ear simply because my condition has gotten more complex and, after reading some other posts, I believe that these extraneous physical problems can be caused by this inner ear devil.

ANYWAY! Ha. The feeling is like there is a vibration in my head. On a bad day it is always there but most days it only happens if I hear a loud, unexpected noise. Sometimes any unexpected noise even if it's quiet. Sometimes it even happens from a visual disturbance or from someone touching me unexpectedly. Mostly the noise though. It is a sensation of vibration, like someone is banging a gong behind my eyes, and it makes my whole body cringe. I can feel tension in my head right above my ears when it happens too.

Does anyone else get this type of sensation. I want to make it clear that this is NOT my usual sense of foggy-head or lightheadedness. It is an entirely different feeling that makes me feel very out of it. Also, I don't get any pain inside my ears, it is just the uncomfortable feelings. I've read posts where people have had sensitivity to sound involving a painful feeling in the ears but this isn't like that. My ears don't even seem to notice; it is like a feeling much deeper in my head. Thanks for reading!
hi kris

well i can liken some of my symtoms to what u r describing, i have had what u say about the vibration feeling in your head after a loud noise etc.....mine is usually following that and as u say no pain but like it stuns you mine doesnt last too long, the other that ive had continous tho much less to when this first started is, a feeling of magnets behind my eyes pushing away, at its worse i feel it through my whole self and if i lean against a wall it feels tho it coming through it or any surface i touch defines the sensation of movment i feel in my head and body.....horrid ....i do believe it is coming from the inner ear ......mine has damage to left inner ear....and has become very sensitive....take care......brina

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