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I am at my wits end and decided to try something new. For months now i have had this feeling in my ears of being plugged, pressure, pain, crackling sounds 24/7, feels like fluid and at times hearing my own voice. Anyways from my own research i pretty much narrowed it down to ETD (Eustachian tube dysfunction) .

Now I have been seeing an ENT for over 1 year now for this and meds after meds and nothing. MRI resulted that i had Chronic Sinusitus, funny i never have runny noses nor feel congested. So more meds and more sprays.. And still my ears are not any better but actualy seem worse.

So I did some research and some have recomened a herbal preparation called Echinaccea.

[I]Here is a description of what it does: Stimulation of the body’s intrinsic defense in cases of fever and inflammation, postvaccinal encephalitis, influenza, angina, furuncles, abscesses, phlegmons, focal toxicosis, gingivitis, stomatitis, sinusitis, gastroenteritis, enterocolitis, cystitis, pyelitis, colpitis, leucorrhea, adnexitis, glomerulonephritis, fistular suppurations, osteomyelitis, otitis media, chronic cerebral abscess, meningitis, anthrax, carbuncles, mononucleosis, skin diseases, mastitis.[/I]

Just wondering if anyone has had any success or know anything more about the above.

In addition I am thinking that i am not going to get no where with my ENT and thought about maybe seeing a Neurotologist, but am wondergin is a neuro the right person to see for my problem?? is my problem considered Middle ear or Inner ear? What does a Neuro usually deal with??

I just can't take it anymore, i have tried every known decongestant to see if helps unblock my ears and nothing.. I just wish i could grab a qtip and get pas the ear drum and clean all the gunk that is behind it as i feel it.... :(

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