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Jill 43,
Like I said before my story goes way back to 1992 with MEI. I also was told I had meniere's, but I have never had the vertigo. I have done alot of research and not everyone has vertigo with meniere's. I had otosclerosis and had stapes surgery which did not help. I have lost about 95% of my hearing in my left ear. It has been 13 years and I have learned to live with the tinnitus and pressure. Then this past May in my right ear I started having alot of pressure and I could hear myself talk. Dr Zappia said I have a patulous eustachion tube( the tube stays open all the time) He gave me two different nose sprays which did not help. Then he put me on premarin nose drops. Thats when everything went really hay wire. I now have roaring tinnitus in that ear along with the pressure and hearing myself talk.While I was taking premarin my left ear started goiong crazy with roaring tinnitus and the sound of my heartbeat and the swooshing of the blood through my veins. I have tinnitus so loud sometimes in both ears I cannot not tolerate it. Thankfully I am taking 2 mg of valium 4 times a day or I would not be able to cope. I spend alot of time in bed because when my head is down the pressure is not as bad. My last visit to Dr Zappia was 9-2-05 and he has no clue. I asked him about running some test and his reply was "what kind of test?" I sent all my records to Uof M and they scdeduled a whole day of vestibular test (which was extremely rough due to the fact that I could not take valium for a week before) which is more than Dr Zappia has done. I do not get to see the Dr. until Oct 6. So until then I will have to suffer through this. One of the best ways to describe some of the sounds in my right ear is it sounds like a harley motorcyle that is ideling in my Right ear.Not to mention the heartbeating,thumping,and swooshing in my left. I also have a feeling of unsteadyness, not vertigo just like everything is out of whack. I did some investigating and the U.of M. is rated #3 in the ear department so I would highly recommend you contact them. At least they seem to be looking for some answers when all Dr Zappia said "I' m stumped"

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