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I had the tube put in last June. I was told I had a patulous eustachion tube. After nasonex, rhinocort, premarin nose drops did not help. I was having alot of pressure in my right ear, I could hear myself talk and breath. I have had a bad left ear since 1991. I had a stapedectomy and a revision . Then all this in my other ear. What started out as hearing myself talk and breath(which I still have) has turned into hearing the sound of thunder rolling or a bowling ball being rolled down a bowling alley. I hear the sound of the ocean ROARING. Whenever I swallow hard or yawn, I hear a grinding or crackling noise. I hear my heartbeating sometimes thumping. I hear the swooshing of blood rushing in my ear. I hear popping. and the most strange thing is I hear skull sounds. Like when I brush my hair I hear it in my ears. when I brush and floss my teeth I hear it in my ear. When I pluck my eyebrows I hear it. If I scratch my head, I hear it. If I tap on my head or around my ear I hear it.
The tube came out in March and there has not been any change with it in or not.
I noticed when I was driving home after the Dr. put the tube in I could not hear the normal road sounds while driving. The sound of your tires on the highway or when you pass a semi truck. I thought once the tube came out these sounds would return, but
they have not. I am about to loose my mind!!!!!!!

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