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Okay, to cut a long story short:)

4 months ago I had a sudden onset of dizzyness with loud ringing in both ears, lasting for roughly ten seconds. Once the dizzyness stopped I was shaken but able to carry on. The world however loked like a completely different place. Everything seemed so much further away and not real.

Anyway, I started to get major anxiety and have been through the loop of what caused the dizzyness and to the way i a m feeling right now.

Every day since that happened I get these pressure changes in my ears and a slight off feeling and perhaps minor vertigo. When I poke my finger into my right ear I can hear popping and crackling noises aswell and the right ear seems to be less able to hear as the left. (although ive had that problem for years!)

Then I came acros this site and my symptoms tied in with everything on here.

I guess I need some questions answered, if you dont mind of course:)

1) Does this sound like an inner ear disorder?

2) Can an inner ear disorder cause not constant dizzyness but these pressure changes?

3) Can an inner ear disorder cause you to walk around all day as if your in a dream, derealization?


4) Can it cause severe anxiety and panic attacks and ause you to lead a secluded lifestyle?

I would appreciate any help on this matter.

Thank you so kindly:angel:

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