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Hi here...

After a week of feeling "swooshy" in my ears, and then intense dizziness for a few days, I went to the doctor and he said I have Labyrinthitis and that it would go away in a week. He told me to drink tons of water and to take Benadryl, which I only did once because it knocks me out for a good 24 hours. He said it was caused by allergies, which I didn't even know I had. Anyhow, it's been three weeks now and the dizziness is better at times, but when I move my head up and down a lot I get pretty dizzy and there are many random moments during the day when my ears get swooshy again (I can feel the fluid moving around or something and I can kinda hear it), especially when I'm sitting still for a while (which makes no sense to me).

What concerns me now though is that along with all this, I have some ear pain. It's not constant. I bent over the other day, leaning my head to one side to pick something up, and the ear closest to the floor instantly hurt. It went away moments after standing. I tried to lay on that ear that night in bed and it hurt too much. I can feel the swooshing much stronger in that ear as well. Now today the other ear is also hurting from time to time. I didn't think this was supposed to hurt. I'm wondering if I should go to the doctor? I'm having some financial troubles right now so I'd rather now if I don't have to or if I can wait. Anyone else had pain with this?

Thanks to anyone who can help... :dizzy:

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