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:wave: Does this sound like an inner ear disorder or maybe some chronic allergies?? My symptoms are ALL year long and I have been suffer from them for several years!! If it was an inner ear problem would I be suffering for so many years??
Here are my symptoms:
Lightheaded, drunk feeling, Floating Sensations, whirling feeling in my head, motion sensation, feeling inside my head as if I am being pushed to the side or backwards, or the sensation you get when you are on a boat. No spinning
but some type of vertigo ( worse symptom of all ) :dizzy:
Pressure in my head, tension headaches all the time and Pressure behind my eyes, or a fullness feeling. Sometimes my eyes feel like they are jittery, as if I am trying to keep up with my vision.
Lots of Fatigue, heaviness in eyes and head, somedays I just feel like I can sleep all day long.
Post nasal drip, or chronic mucus feeling in throat
Stuffy nose ALWAYS!
Ear Crackling sounds, like a bad speaker connection,
When my ears pop I get a sharp pain feeling in them,
Tons of Anxiety and Panic Attacks!
ANYONE ELES??? Thanks in advance

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