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... ind of like I'm not there. I hate this feeling because I want to drive but am so scared to go out by myself. Especially since I have a little one now. She's 6 months old today and back then, in December I was so excited to take her places during this summer, but, I don't feel safe going anywhere unless my husband is driving. ... (58 replies)
... ne which may be responsible in helping me start the recovery. He indicated they're not exactly sure why the antihistamines help, but they do. I am now almost 9 months into the ordeal and realize it's going to take a while. Maybe a couple of years. Weakness is the same as damage, but it doesn't mean you won't heal. ... (58 replies)
... kg prednisone for 5 days, followed by gradually reduced doses of prednisone for an additional 15 days, and vestibular sedatives for symptomatic relief during the first 5 days after presentation. The control group received a placebo and similar vestibular sedatives. ... (0 replies)

... ver from VN. The study was conducted on 68 patients with VN in Siena, Italy. The researchers observed how effective a number of bedside tests were for predicting recovery from a VN attack. Some interesting comments are made about time to recovery. This study lasted 12 months. ... (8 replies)
... Hi Yep---Long Term Care---can be difficult---u might want to see a: NEUROTOLOGIST (not a Neurologist)---since that is the Medical Specialty that is/has the indepth training---in that/this area.....assume ur talking about Long Term Care Insurance(commercial) & not Social Security Disability(which is even harder) :cool: (16 replies)
... heard from other folks, it seems like recovery more typically takes at least 3 to 6 months, with some people having symptoms up to a year or year and a half later. ... (16 replies)
... here is a person who has thoroughly researched vestibular disorders and has a wealth of information we all benefit from!!! ... (12 replies)
... times maybe the past 20 months and feel so confined because I used to love driving. I'd hop in the car and go. ... (50 replies)
... turn upon ascending and I felt quite a bit of motion sickness and wiped out for rest of day, though recovered quickly. I have travelled by plane approximately 8 months after my initial diagnosis and everything was fine! ... (16 replies)
... Sorry for the novel... I'm happy to be able to share this, and hope it helps. Sending you many recovery vibes... and hugs. ... (52 replies)
... labs, then the norm is to get better in 6 to 12 weeks. ... (2 replies)
... oss this article by A Bronstein on the weekend which I feel pegs a lot of this down for many of us. He is surprisingly cluey about the psychological component of vestibular problems. Makes you wonder if he has been down this road himself! ... (26 replies)
... I have heard it can take 6 months at least for it to start to feel a lot better. ... (1 replies)
... It all started 7.5 months ago. I had just nursed my two week old daughter before going back to sleep. I felt fine. One hour later I woke up feeling extremely sick. ... (1 replies)
... Well, I'm more familiar with vestibular neuritis, but the time frames may be the same. I have found no consistent info. on time frame for these illnesses. ... (25 replies)
... ng really unpleasant and it can be very difficult to get properly diagnosed. Like you, my gp didn't know what is was. It was also a bit confusing because about 6 weeks after my vertigo started I was hit with severe sinusitis so go referred to ent. ... (7 replies)
Ear Fullness...
Dec 23, 2003
... yes i saw nurotoligist he said it was not likley to be meiners as the first ent said i had it even though my tests were normal for that part. he said he did not know what it was he would only be guessing, if i continue to have problems he could run more tests. he also told me i could eat the chips and such as the ent told me to watch my sodium and all. my symptoms are... (37 replies)
Ear Fullness...
Dec 23, 2003
... for what it's worth... I've had all the symptoms that everyone has mentioned, and then some. After MRIs- CT scans, bloodwork, 5 ENTs- I was diagnosed with ETD. Opted not to have tube placement- found another ENT out of the area- his diagnosis- acid reflux. Seems that when you sleep acid can make it all the way up to your eustachian tube and cause irritation and swelling-... (37 replies)
Ear Fullness...
Dec 23, 2003
... Lab lasts on average 6 weeks. A select few people do not recover and lab progesses to BPPV or vestibular neuritis. The neuritis part implies that some type of nerve damage has occurred. The brain must relearn to compensate for the damage, hence the long recovery time. ... (37 replies)
... Run don't walk away from this doctor. Scant is right, read the advice given under the 'a bit of a blow' thread, find yourself a good neuro otologist, find out what's wrong and set yourself on the road to recovery. To say that vestibular neuritis (or labyrinthitis) shouldn't last beyond a few weeks is, to be frank, nonsense. I have a diagnosis of vestibular neuritis - (lab sort... (19 replies)

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