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I saw a post on another thread by user "Antoniadante" regarding the rushing, roaring, waterfall sound in ears. Atoniadante mentioned visiting a friend in Guadeloupe and hearing the tree frogs singing... it improved tinnutis symptoms.

I cannot locate a more recent post by Atoniadante, but wanted to let this user know that I am having the same sensation/sound/vibrations in my right ear. I read the post regarding the tree frog singing. I did a search online for songs of Guadeloupe tree frogs singing and listened for about 10 seconds of the tree frogs singing.. and it actually helped the vibration/roaring/rushing sounds and sensations in my ear. Immediately. Granted, it didn't fix the issue entirely, but it did make a drastic reduction of this strange noise/vibration sound that I have been hearing and feeling in my ear.

Who would have thought? I'm wondering if listening to these tree frogs singing for maybe an hour or a couple of hours would make it go away entirely. And/or possibly maintaining a consistent schedule of hearing these frogs at least once per week or so.. might keep it from happening again?

That is just amazing to me that something so simple made such a profound difference!

Anyone who is having this rushing/roaring/waterfall/dull vibration sound in their ears that seems to be aggravated more by simple sounds (external sound seems to increase the vibration in my ear and causes the rushing/roaring/waterfall sound to magnify to the "beat" of the external noise.. especially sudden or sharp noises, no matter if it is low volume or higher volume) needs to do an internet search on the Guadeloupe tree frogs singing and listen to it for a little while. It may not help everyone with the issue, but it might do the same for others as it did for me.

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