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... I have a problem with my balance system. ... (3 replies)
... the virus and calm down the damage it can do. My PCP thought I was just upset or having anxiety. Though now, it's proven I had a virus that damaged part of my balance system. I hope you can get some help that will get you back to yourself soon. ... (3 replies)
... for the last few weeks as all of you seem to have very similar symptoms as I do. I narrowed down my own diagnosis to these two before I went in to speak about my balance results. I felt alone and didn't know that there were so many people feeling this way. My husband tried to understand. ... (9 replies)

Constant Rocking
Feb 17, 2015
... I am new here in search of hope for cure and advise from everyone who have been experiencing or knowledge of balance disorders. ... (2 replies)
... ello Everyone I'm new and looking for some comfort.. around 3.5 months ago I woke up with what looked like the room tilting a little. Since then I have been off balance and unsteady feeling. I am getting very aggravated that my symptoms will not go away!! ... (2 replies)
... off balance feeling had returned. I went back to my primary care doctor and they looked inside my ears and saw no fluid so they thought it might be allergies. ... (1 replies)
... Hello Achycrafter, I was wondering how you've been feeling? I'm still having problems with feeling out of it and dreamlike. I'm trying to stay positive. Last night my family went to Walmart and I felt out of it and some panic but I made it through better then I have for a while. I wanted to ask if you are referring to Dr. Furman when you mentioned you see a doctor at... (50 replies)
... Hello again, Yes, try to find a neurotologist. Not a neurologist, the neurotologist specializes in the inner ear and will perform tests on you to make sure and find out what is going on. May I ask your name on FB? Then I could friend you and we could chat and trade back and forth our symptoms and such. I hope you find some answers. Take care, Nicole (50 replies)
... Bren, I wish you were closer, I would refer you to my doc. He is Neurologist and also ear specialist. He is one of the head doctors of the Balance clinic at the Eye and ear Institute here in Pittsburgh. I hope you get your answer soon. ... (50 replies)
... Hello again,, I think I get what you're saying about the fluttering. I feel like there's a bug or something in there that's making my ear itch and then it almost feels like there's water or a strange tickle. Does that make sense? lol I hope you can see a neurotologist who specializes in the inner ear. I'm hoping to get my ct scan soon to check for the superior canal... (50 replies)
... groups ect ...yes I fed want to get checked for what u are talking about so they don't usually test for it at the ENT I should go to a Neuro that specializes in balance ? ... (50 replies)
... I do not have ringing all the time but I do have inner ear weakness and it causes mixed signals to my brain about balance and where I am. So I get dizzy a lot and I totally understand about feeling uncomfortable in big department stores. ... (1 replies)
... does anyone know how to officially tell if we have balance ear nerve damage from VN? ... (50 replies)
... I plan on going to a different one and possible seeing a neuro that specializes in balance too... ... (50 replies)
... I used to do 20 minutes to a half hour every day of VRT. This included visual exercises and standing exercises. Such as walking while turning head and looking at objects, and standing on a board, whilst correcting myself when I lose my balance. That was in the summer, during the time and a few weeks after VRT. The therapist said to do them until they become ineffective. Now... (50 replies)
... Again, the anxiety is horrible because it keeps me from doing the things I want to do and need to do. You have my sympathy. ... (50 replies)
... ner ear nerve, my brain must compensate and I was doing much, much better over the summer until the end of September and now it's bothering me again. Again, the anxiety is horrible because it keeps me from doing the things I want to do and need to do. You have my sympathy and I pray you'll get an answer. ... (7 replies)
... Felt so off balance I left work early. I went to the ER. I had an anxiety attack as well. Was given Ativan and prescribed Prednisone and Nasonex. ... (3 replies)
... Can my anxiety come from this vestibular neuritis? ... (50 replies)
... Yesterday, I have been diagnosed to have vestibular neuritis. The doctor said my VNG balance test shows that the balance system in my left ear is not normal. My hearing test is normal. ... (50 replies)

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