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... (16 replies)
... August 2007... I don't quite remember! But it started just after having a cold which plugged up my ears for about 2 weeks. A couple weeks after that cleared the tinnitus started suddenly. From then on it has continued, with spikes at various times. ... (16 replies)
... been hearing soft popping or clicking noises in my left ear every time I swallow. There is also a slight tingling feeling inside my ear, which feels similar to having water stuck in my ear. ... (1 replies)

... Well adding to this post, I just say that you can have MAV and some vestibular dysfunction added, complicating things further, as yo u need to control the migraine which surely is going to tamper the vestibular recovery, and the vestibular injury itself. So it could be possible that some of your ear symptoms are really coming from it, VN, BPPB, TMJ, ETD, and on top you got... (13 replies)
... I don't know, but the ear fullness definitely goes hand in hand with the dizziness. It seems when my ears aren't so bad, my dizziness isn't either. ... (13 replies)
... dizzy type feelings, fluid draining from ears, fatigue, on and off ear pressure with popping and clicking sounds and anxiety have a middle ear infection which is causing swelling in the eustacian tubes. ... (2 replies)
... one week long episode of dizziness and tingling in extremities related to high blood sugar, occasional bouts of severe neck pain possibly related to being hunched over at my computer all the time. ... (174 replies)
How Long?!?!?!?
Aug 8, 2007
... i had those happen while i was in cosmetology school back in 2000, and i probably had the problem on and off the whole time....once i got out and away from that bldg and problem!! ... (12 replies)
... mild headaches, mild pressure or heavy headedness, mild buzzing feeling in my head, still some vision problems but not as bad as prior years, mild problems in stores but much improved and my demon symptom.....TINNITUS. ... (15 replies)
Apr 10, 2007
... ad feels the same but less stressed. I managed to prime, paint and sponge texture my bathroom this week with no big problems other than the ringing off the hook in my ears. ... (7 replies)
Ear pain question?
Oct 14, 2006
... Thanks for the reply, I actually do have tmjd that's interesting that you mentioned that.. The clicking sounds are on one side of the jaw and the ear aches are on the other. ... (2 replies)
... bout Canadian Health care, but my experience has been awesome. I have the impression that it's very time consuming and costly to get tests for a balance problem in the US, but here in Calgary it only took me about 3 weeks to go from referral to MRI to ENG test, all at no cost to me. ... (5 replies)
... and I have palatal myclonus for a year. It used to start clicking and popping later in the day but know it goes all ay. It is very loud. It was very painful to start with, especially behind the ears. The pressure is intense as well. ... (50 replies)
... th pressure on one side similar to airplane altitude changes. I just saw my GP who pronounced it to be a Eustachian tube dysfunction. He saw no sign of infection in the ears but thought it might resolve in a couple of weeks. ... (1 replies)
... osed with bppv I started to panic, so I would lay on two high pillows, only on my right side, the good side, for about 2 months, and I must have pulled something in my neck. ... (46 replies)
Question about VRT
Sep 28, 2005
... let happen anymore. Anyway, when I do them I dont really get dizzy or really feel any worse than I did before starting each session. Just a little more fullness in my head. ... (3 replies)
Confused Again
Aug 15, 2005
... however it was all the time every day until about a month ago. Now it is every once in a while and typically only when I swallow. I can go a whole day with no clicking or I can have it all day or I can have it just for a little while and then totally go away for the rest of the day. ... (4 replies)
Confused Again
Aug 15, 2005
... My ear clicking has been pretty consist since I first got this four years ago. Just to clarify, I have NOT had this for fours years. ... (4 replies)
Confused Again
Aug 15, 2005
... D, but that I have a bit of chronic sinusitis. I feel absolutley awful, and have the wierdest feeling in my head, but the doctor says that I shouldnt be feeling like this from the sinusitis and basically dismissed me from his office like I was crazy. ... (4 replies)
Different tests
Jul 11, 2005
... Gave me a 4 day supply of prednisone. Neurologist gave me balance tests and made me march in place for like 5 minutes with my eyes closed and I happened to move. ... (13 replies)

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