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... and the fuzzy head disappeared completely. Over the past few days I started having cereal again, and the fuzziness has returned. ... (0 replies)
... blocked feeling and pressure for over 2 months in both ears. But 2 days ago I started hearing and feeling a noisein my left ear when ever i moved my head. So now whenever i move my head i can feel and hear I dont know how to explain. ... (6 replies)
Clogged ears
Jul 6, 2002
... I also have the clogged ears and am very frustrated with going to the doctor. ... (7 replies)

... I even have head pressure with mine above my ears on the sides of my head. When this first started I actually had a chill in my head when I felt the dizziness. I just want it to stop so I can be here fully for my baby daughter. Any info or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks! ... (1 replies)
... when i got it i woke up feeling drunk and dizzy with a heavy head and unable to walk, my vision was off and twittchie almost as if it was not in tune with what i look at with my brain. ... (1 replies)
... hearing next to me is a mile away. There are loud hammering noises, airplane noises, etc.. I stopped taking the antibiotics right after and I have been miserable feeling the same. ... (1 replies)
... that's what your neurologist is saying you have, but not in the way he thinks. Migraine associated vertigo (MAV), Vestibular migraine, or Migraine Equivalent are terms used to describe this type of migraine condition. Basically, it's a type of migraine condition that plagues its victims with symptoms that can actually take place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for months or... (14 replies)
Foggy feeling....
Jul 17, 2007
... Hi Victrix, I could really feel for you- so similar - etc- now they want me to have an MRI- which is Thursday- I am really scared- but the ear dr. says- have to see what is going on- doesn't believe it is from allergies, or the airplane flights I took ( 5 of them within a 2 wk span- my allergist disagrees- it is so confusing. It is true- when It happens- pressure-... (30 replies)
... Hello I have the same problem as you. In the middle of october I was having a lot of anxiety and upper back muscle tightness. One day I turned my head and I felt a pop/crunch in my neck. Turns out I herniated a disc in my neck and one of the symptoms that has has lingered is fullness in both ears. I went to an ENT early on (when I didn't know it was my neck), and he... (1 replies)
... but just more annoying is the constant feeling of deep pressure in the ears and head. Been going on for almost 2 weeks. Really starting to get upset and hope it goes away. ... (1 replies)
... I was feeling light headed and tired heavy legs for about a month, and thought I was feeling better, when I took a lot of vicodin one night. I am a recovering drug addict and was clean for a while. ... (0 replies)
... e that for nearly 10 months now, but slowly getting better. my dizziness is more of a lightheaded feeling, not a spinning sensation. my ears feel like they are clogged all the time, and the more clogged they feel, the more my head feels like im gonna float away. ... (3 replies)
... god, you sound so much like me,its been going on for a year, had all kinds of tests, nothing, the only thing they came up with is a hearing loss in both ears. My "being on a rocky boat feeling" got so bad I just could not work I was so uncomfortable, head pressure and stuffed ears too and very mildly dizzy all the time, my neurologist sent me to a TMJ guy who gave me a... (32 replies)
... said that my ears would drain with time and gave me heaps of medication but none of it really cleared it up. I suffered from hearing loss and my ears were always clogged or would have a constant ring. Many times I have woken up and found discharge and sometimes even blood on my pillow. ... (32 replies)
... allergies. My allergies were so bad I would start off feeling like I had a mild cold, itchy, sneezy, cough etc. ... (32 replies)
... I know how you feel. I have been trying to come up with a description of the feeling that I feel in my head. ... (32 replies)
... i am having problems with my ear after the ear infection was cleared it left some fluid i was then reffered to ent said ear was clear but it feels clogged and full i have had bloods comin back all right now im going to dentist to be reffered to tmj clinic as ii try anything im sick of it. how u getting on (32 replies)
... Hi Everyone, Have my first cold with this inner ear thing. And boy do I feel like I am in another world. My ears were feeling painful and clogged never had this pre vestibular. Pain in my left ear even though my BPPV diagnosed in right ear. Really makes me wonder if I have LAbs and BPPV. ... (2 replies)
... Also, sometimes one side of my neck tightens up more than the other, and my head leans to that side. I also have sensitivity to the computer screen or bright lights. ... (32 replies)
Ear Pressure
Apr 24, 2004
... What is your pulsing feeling like? ... (7 replies)

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