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... Primarily the biggest thing is the boaty head, balance thing. Can be worse when looking down at a screen for example, or if I look up for a while, then look down. ... (3 replies)
Dizzy newbie here
Nov 12, 2004
... times I do notice this trend. However, I have noticed the dizzies getting worse in bright fluorescent lighting, like in a grocery store. Also, it tends to ease when I walk around... ... (22 replies)
... was compensating well. The only problem is my eyes were the ones compensating, at least that is what my vision therapist believes. My eyes are what make me feel dizzy now. ... (10 replies)

... n June. The testing showed normal balance and hearing, however my eyes were not tracking properly. In the past 12 weeks I've had a lingering issue with my vision when looking down...the pavement looks wavy and my depth perception looking down is off. ... (44 replies)
... the ground looks wavy at times and I get a headache when walking. I see a neurologist is 2 weeks for more tests as my balance tests were normal but my eyes are not tracking g properly. This stuff is really depressing.. ... (44 replies)
... Are you are still suffering from dizzy spells when looking down turning your head or looking up since you had the head turning session. Was this in ENT? ... (10 replies)
... felt weird when I woke up this morning----I am at work---when my head is looking down I start to get real dizzy---or any quick movement with my head---anyone have ideas ??? (0 replies)
... during the flight. I land and ride an elevator up to my hotel room. Within seconds I experience my first severe imbalance feeling. I'm walking into my hotel room when suddenly i feel like i've gained 50lbs and lost it within 2 seconds. I feel the floor coming up at me. I now assume that it HAS to be an inner ear thing. ... (6 replies)
... a very light stomach bug or a hangover! You feel kind of nauseous, unwell, and just "off." If he's been drunk before, he probably knows what it feels like to get dizzy when you lie down. ... (23 replies)
... Question for Subs or anyone else in recovery, is it normal for a BPPV sufferer to have symptoms increase when looking down? ... (9 replies)
... sound in my left ear. I had a short period when I very slightly felt like I was moving when lying in bed etc... ... (15 replies)
... Just wanted to say that I also have periods when I don't feel imbalance or dizzy in the head either. BUT I tend to have intermitent symptoms, if you get my meaning. ... (15 replies)
... Its this feeling I get in the back of my head like something is pushing me, like a huge weight is attached to my head, kind of shakey or this pressure pushing down on me. Sometimes I also feel this forward and backward rocking type feeling. I feel it all the time and it seems to be the worse when I put my head down. ... (7 replies)
Oct 10, 2003
... and i'm fine.. Its when i lay down.. ... (6 replies)
... Recently I started VRT and have noticed in the past week I'm having this falling sensation, I have when moving aournd, sitting it feels like I'm falling backwards. ... (0 replies)
... I started feeling off like I was rocking or pulsing is what I call it because the rocking goes along with my pulse. I also feel off when I move my head. ... (11 replies)
... cloudy days or when I'm moving my eyes looking against a solid light coloured area. Sunglasses while driving help a lot. ... (10 replies)
BPPV Question
Sep 11, 2014
... My husband was just dx with positional vertigo. He feel spinny and dizzy when getting into bed, getting out of bed, looking up and looking down. He says he better when not doing those things. ... (4 replies)
... I am convinced my eyes have completely compensated for my ears as I am no longer dizzy unless I go on an elevator, in a car at night, etc. ... (10 replies)
... I get the same problems. It all started over 12 years ago when I got violently ill and vomited every time I stood up. ... (4 replies)

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