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... Good post, Monkey...good advice....I have to sleep on a flat pillow with a dip in the middle for my head, because of cervical vertebrae problems....and yes...I have panic attacks and anxiety whenever I am under a great deal of stress..sometimes I just get them as part of my disorder...with no vertigo or balance, so there is a difference...the vertigo just contributes to the... (11 replies)
... I took a meclizine, a mg. of klonopin and sat up with my head straight against pillow. Within two hours, I was able to rest on my "good" ear I am worn out, anxious, ...but that is the aftermath of a severe episode. So rest for a few days and then, hopefully, begin the exercises. ... (11 replies)
... mostly in the morning in bed. That leaves you with balance problems as your inner ear is messed up with crystals falling into the incorrect ear canal. ... (11 replies)

... sets, because of the uncertainty about which side was the "bad one", that's why they didn't perform or suggested the Epley maneuver, which I believe is the best treatment for this. ... (4 replies)
... it was on the side of my head with my bad TMJ and the chair leaning back and possibly it stirred up some bacteria and caused an infection or just stirred up my ear crystals. ... (9 replies)
Inner ear crystal
Sep 29, 2007
... I have had the inner ear crystal you describe and there are many on this site that have it as well .... it's BPPV. ... (1 replies)
I need some help
Jun 2, 2006
... Her doctor at one point said that her inner ear crystals had fallen...."... ... (2 replies)
BPPV Treatment
Mar 22, 2004
... May I ask what other inner ear problems you have? ... (8 replies)
BPPV Treatment
Mar 22, 2004
... had BPPV two years ago and was duly treated for it. I usually got dizzy when turning my head on the pillow at nights, or when looking up towards the ceiling.The treatment was certainly a bit violent but successful. ... (8 replies)
... I am so excited...I just got home from my appointment with the new ENT I posted earlier about and she gave me a diagnosis, finally!!! Just short of my 10th month anniversary...She did a few positional tests and said I have all the signs of BPPV....Hearing that was like music to my ears (lol...alittle music in the ear cant hurt nothing) Anyways, I go Friday and she is going to... (15 replies)
... I have been a T2 diabetic for 40 years so I see a lot of DRs regularly. I started mentioning this stumbling to my Doctors, thinking it was probably those darn crystals again. The cardiologist checked me for stroke and my neck vessels for blockages. Everything was ok there. ... (1 replies)
... to MA. I saw the Omniax on YouTube a while back, but at the time the closest ones were in FL and MI. I checked again today and the Omniax is at the Arigg Eye and Ear Associates in Lawrence, MA. I also thought that the Omniax would be good for my dad, but my dad thinks it sounds like a nightmare. ... (12 replies)
... r ear. Only in the disease state do they come loose and float around like snow in a snow globe. The Eply maneuver or variants of it do, in most cases, move the crystals from the posterior canal and back into the saccule. However, these crystals are not gone. ... (4 replies)
... maybe there's some other underlying condition that's triggering the crystals to move? ... (14 replies)
... the dizzy process, came to visit, as the change from the clear air from Cancun to the not so pristine one in Mexico City took it's toll and an overnight nose and ear congestion stroked me for a second night in a row. ... (3 replies)
... Once that feeling of being in a car accident started to subside, I could concentrate on the dizziness and get more treatment for that with PT and Epley's, Hallpike's etc. ... (6 replies)
... ieve with BPPV, letting it settle for a few weeks really helps after PT. I was told not to do at home manuevers because there's no way of telling what canal the crystals are in so that I do the correct manuever. ... (6 replies)
Meclizine dosage
Apr 13, 2008
... I've seen many clinic doctors. If your husband's had this before and he hasn't been through any treatment or tests, he should see someone that can help rid this from coming back. ... (5 replies)
... and he says it's crap, only inner ear stuff or brain problems can cause vertigo. ... (13 replies)
... of time I get with ENT's, nurses and such. It seems that they're referring to an extra amount of fluid, possibly too much which would cause pressure, making the crystals to sort of remain floating in a particular canal instead of allowing them to move. ... (9 replies)

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