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... third attack, I went to a different ENT and had a couple of tests done. That ENT didn't mention what he thought I had but I failed the hearing test for my right ear and other doctors have said I probably have Meniere's disease. ... (1 replies)
... hen walking or standing up. I had to wait several weeks to see my dr who was a Rn and I didn't even know that until I saw her card. She diagnosed me with frontal sinus infection cause I was having some pressure over forehead. The imbalance I have is just like the floor is moving a little bit under my feet. ... (2 replies)
... Or does it sound like sinus issue or inner ear infection? ... (0 replies)

... I also have a deviated septum, and an enlarged tonsil. I had a recurring ear infection from 2008 to 2009 but no other ear problems other than a build up of wax. I only had one major sinus infection in 2010 that cleared up with antibiotics. ... (1 replies)
... told her about the feeling on a boat and dizziness I was having and she checked my ears and said I had no fluid in my middle ears. And she said it was a frontal sinus infection. ... (0 replies)
... Not sure if this is what I have cause I do have fluid behind my right ear and will be seeing my main doctor on march 11th since my trips to Urgent care were failures. ... (0 replies)
... On Dec 9 I came down with a horrible sinus infection and bronchitis. When I went to the Dr on the 13th, he said my left ear seemed a bit inflamed. He gave me augmentin and it took care of the sinus infection and bronchitis, although the cough and some congestion hung on for a while. ... (0 replies)
... After my ENT said my vertigo/dizziness was caused by BPPV, I was sent to see a physical therapist. The PT did a lot of testing and actually ruled out BPPV (which I suspected would happen), and said I most likely have a unilateral vestibular deficit. (I had a bad sinus infection a few months ago that took forever to get better which caused some ear issues, including diagnosed... (2 replies)
... terrible cold during the winter in Illinois having just returned on vacation from Puerto Rico and was put on antibiotics. After this I could not unblock my right ear and my left ear somtimes gave me trouble. I was diagnosed with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and told this is common after a cold and takes time to go way. ... (5 replies)
... mental health long term consequences following Viral Labyrinthitis this time last year, tinnitus in my affected ear has been ever present! As with most dealing with tinnitus following VL, it fluctuateS occasionally due to weather, stress, illness, envionement, etc. ... (0 replies)
... Hello, I did only about two weeks of VRT and it did not seem to help. That at in May 2012. I just waited it out thinking it was getting better and it did seem like it last summer 2013 because I did not have the anxiety like now and I was not dizzy in stores and I was able to drive. Now, ever since September and that horrendus feeling I had, I am having bad anxiety and... (14 replies)
... xiety lately and multiple symptoms from pins and needles sensations, dizziness, panic attacks, pressure in my head near my ears and up front! I suspect an inner ear infection from a few months! I had the beginning I thought of swollen tonsils a few months back and it hurt badly from the ear down to the tonsil area! ... (6 replies)
... hi guys, My name is Melissa and I have been experience similiar problems that begun in August. Started out as a sinus infection then resulted in an ear infection all on the right side. ... (123 replies)
... forgot to answer your other question, do not hold your nose and blow as one it will make the tinnitus louder and two you might damage something. If you have any infection present from the sinus infection if may go up the tube into your ear and give you an ear infection which you really dont want. ... (123 replies)
... You may need another prescription for antibiotics. Keep with the steroid spray as its a godsend for blocked tubes. Have you had any ear infection? ... (123 replies)
... ear infection going on too and it does flare things up. ... (1 replies)
... I first noticed something was wrong with my ear after a throat infection. I developed a slight hearing loss, with pressure and when I moved my head I could hear a "swooshing" sound, like water. ... (123 replies)
... ear symptoms, but as CL says, it's unlikely that an inner ear infection would come on like this without an initial phase of spinning and nausea. Do you get migraines? ... (3 replies)
... I went to my University health clinic and they said my sinuses, ears and throat were inflamed, but did not prescribe any antibiotics. I am pretty sure I have a sinus infection, but I have never had these terrifying mental symptoms come along with a sinus infection. ... (3 replies)
... imbalance and knew it was from my ears...Okay, time goes by...I ask for antibiotics for sinus infection, hoping THAT would help with symptoms... ... (6 replies)

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