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... Greetings all, I'm pre-doctor consult on this (though I have some medical connections in my life who have weighed in.) I'm trying to sort out some fairly strong symptoms I've had for about 6 weeks and hoped you all could imput. Quickly, here's what I have: -Off-balance feelings - wobbly at times when walking (But not to point of falling etc) -Some dizziness (3 replies)
... and I stayed in the left position for another minute before turning my head to the right. The rest was Ok, but you have to follow the full process and not interrupt. ... (5 replies)
... just the sound of the fluid flowing. My mouth is full of the salty taste and it's miserable. ... (12 replies)

... Oh i also had NO hearing loss,if anything my ears necame much much more sensitive to sound. ... (12 replies)
... ening to nature music and decreasing the sub. When I cranked it up loud again, the effect triggered the same symptoms. I wore musician ear plugs just once and my ears felt better later on. How long do I need to rest my ears? ... (0 replies)
Jun 10, 2015
... I too suffered a bout of viral labrynthitis 15 months ago and it just wont go away. I had no colds or anything I was in best shape of my life and it started with just the odd bout of dizzy every few days. Many people at work had and were having the same issue. I tried stemitil for a month after seeing a GP, then referred after a month to be seen by ENT this took 7 months to... (10 replies)
... about a week ago today i went to a doctor about it. he checked my ears and told me my ear was infected. ... (3 replies)
... Flying should not be a problem when suffering from Inner ear problem , the inner ear is well protected inside the skull and because it’s filled with thick liquid it’s not really prone to pressure changes , what do respond to pressure changes are “empty” or air cavities as such as the middle ear , this is why you feel your ears full or popping in relation to pressure – of... (4 replies)
... Over several years i have suffered with bouts of dizziness and ears feeling they are blocked. The dizziness goes after a few months but i still suffer with ears that feel full, buzz, hiss and pop. Had them checked orginally at hospital and was diagnosed with migraine associated vertigo. ... (0 replies)
... During the last 8 months I've had ear problems, it all started with loud noises inside both ears similar to scraping metal, water flowing and the loud sound of heart beating. ... (3 replies)
... ular Weakness that must be strengthened thru therapy. I have been suffering for 2 years on and off with dizziness, imbalance, nauseaousness, ringing int he ears, full feeling in ears.. ... (3 replies)
... You should treat whatever makes your ears full with liquid.. ... (1 replies)
... This sound like tmj and tmj and sinutitus go together. There is tmj on these boards. I would go check it out. (3 replies)
... I have/had pretty much everything you describe to a T. Ear fullness (pops when I swallow), click in throat when I swallow and also sensation of lump in throat, sore/tight jaw, sound/smell/light sensitivity, post nasal drip, off balance, etc. Not to sound pessimistic or anything, but trying to find a doctor to help you pinpoint the problem is very difficult (as you are... (3 replies)
... Here. -Constant feeling of pressure/fullness in ears. Try to hold my nose and blow them out all the time but it does not help much. -Fatigue, recently. Like, really, really fatigued, all the time. -Post-nasal drip...snot swallowed all the time. Wake up in the morning, spit out snot mixed with spit. . . eeeew. -Constant feeling of SLIGHT dizziness- as though I was always... (3 replies)
Popping ears
Feb 24, 2008
... I have had popping ears or full ears for two years and I have been to 1 doctor who just gave me sinus medicine, which did not really work. ... (0 replies)
... When I start to say certain words that seem to put more pressure in my ears such as "B" words that cause a slight pop in my ear when talking. ... (7 replies)
... KD...I am not just blowing smoke your does get better. I had terrible ears, had a hard time talking on the, don't notice it at all. I am sorry about your dog...that is such a bummer. IT is very stressful. Just had an mri...came out very normal. Most do. It might take a bit of time..remember I am on month 14 with this crap...but most of the... (12 replies)
... blown for 2 years. It has subsided the past 3 years. Good luck to you all and I would recommend to NOT have surgery in the ears or cut the ear nerves. ... (10 replies)
... Today I have been sneezing alot and feel off balance and my ear feels slightly uncomfortable, I remember when i had my FIRST ever panic attack 5 years ago, my ears felt full of pressure and I remember going to the gp and asking him why i felt so dizzy and my ears felt blocked. He said it all looked ok ? ... (4 replies)

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