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... and it felt like a bruise feels when you rub on it. I also thought the fatigue was left over from the cold. ... (1 replies)
... mine too and when i yawn. its been constant for about 6 years now. you'll get used to it. ... (1 replies)
... i think you have made a very good desicion. make sure to tell poe about the snapping, mine snaps when i swallow too, it is not rythmic, it is intermittet, and its an even rarer form of palatal myoclonus, i have read about a few people who present this way. ... (173 replies)

Ears and symptoms
Aug 15, 2004
... not being able to pop your ears whilst moving the jaw.. ... (4 replies)
... ertigo and inflammed sinuses. I felt really sick for approximately 4 weeks. Stuffy nose causes stuffy ears. Now I am getting better but it's taking it's time. My ears pop when I'm in the car driving and crackle when I swallow or yawn. I also get funny headaches that I never got before. ... (15 replies)
... equalize the pressure when I burp. ... (0 replies)
... Fullness in ears, unable to pop. When they do pop lightheadedness goes away, hard swallowing sometimes makes hearing better, so does eating soup with lot's of hot sauce....again only sometimes... ... (4 replies)
... The feeling of pressure and the need to pop your ears is possibly just pressure buildup in the ET. Normally, people's ETs pop when they drive through mountains. Recently I visited a relative in PA and drove through the Alleghenys, and my ETs popped and opened throughout. ... (58 replies)
... as well as sometimes when I rest my head on top of my ears at night, although the left has always been a little bit more pronounced then the right. ... (16 replies)
... Yep - I also having occassional high pitched ringing (usually in one ear) and I also grind my teeth at night. It might also be contributed to eustation tube dysfunction (bruxing/grinding could cause the tubes to be pushed up and closed off). Does she have ear popping too? Sometimes when I swallow my ears pop like I just drove down a steep hill/mountain. But that is... (6 replies)
... This really sucks!!!!!! Just wanted to get that off my chest. Like some of you, I have been to a couple doctors with no answers. The ENT saw no fluid in my ears and gave me antibiotics and sudafed and claritin, nothing has worked! ... (0 replies)
... e had this problem for 7 months now and everyday is the same. It sucks. Anyways it started after going scuba diving for the first time, I have had ear infections when I was younger but until a little while I was fine. ... (9 replies)
... s and then the dizziness stopped. I had the tinnitus on and off and it progressively lessened. I really haven't had it too much recently for several months. Also when I blow my nose and swallow sometimes my ears pop and I have pressure in my head and almost sinus related symptoms sometimes. I also experience "head fog. ... (3 replies)
... i find i do better in noise as well, i get clicks from my mouth and behind my nose, the ears pop a crack all the time, its the popping i cant stand, but it too has simmered down a little. ... (50 replies)
... my snapping is behind my nose, and in my palate. i think its causing the popping and crackling in my ears too, the muscles spasming. ... (173 replies)
... and blood work, still nothing. I developed vertigo 3 weeks ago and its really only bothersome when i am sitting, as if i am rocking. i am fine to walk around. i actually thought i was getting better until the last few days. ... (3 replies)
... pop sound when I swallow and some ringing when it's quiet in bed, etc. ... (3 replies)
... with chronic muscle problems. If they are injured, they will actually memorise the action of contraction and pain even when under the least amount of strain. Maybe VN is like that type of response...who knows. Injury to fine working things can cause them to work out of whack. ... (29 replies)
... Every time I swallow my ears crackle like water is in them. When I drive the car is air tight and my ears pop. It's driving me crazy. I also have ringing in my ears. At times I feel off balance and it feels like the pressure in my inner ear and outer ear is off. ... (1 replies)
... coming out normal. I am wondering if EDT can trigger swollen glands in the back of the ears...what causes edt and what to do as far as doctors and treatment. My ears pop and crackle everytime I swallow and yawn and sometimes change in elevations bother me when driving. ... (10 replies)

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