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... The feeling off is exactly how I am when I am doing really well, this shows that your old brain is compensating pretty well!! ... (4 replies)
... Hi, I seem to be constantly looking for re-assurance that these symptoms are "normal" if you know what I mean? The things I still get are: Fuzzy feeling in head - almost like tingling across forehead, not unpleasant. Imbalance, now only with certain head movements lasting 2 - 3 seconds max. Heavy head, usually when reading, looking down, concentrating. (4 replies)
... ke that... again I cannot describe it... What I say is a sort of gross feeling... But Not exactly the wavy thing... I just have this sorta slight heavy strange feeling in my head that gets worse when I move my head. ... (9 replies)

... hi i have had a really annoying dull headache at the back of my head now for around 3 weeks so i went to the doctor who told me i had a very tight muscle in my neck, i dont feel like i have a stiff neck and it is not overly painful the thing thats bothering me most is for he past few days i have been feeling sick from when i get up for most of he day i also have a fuzzy... (0 replies)
... smoke I got extremely dizzy, also kind of a weird feeling like a dream sequence almost, but not quite, it's hard to explain. ... (3 replies)
... at are not there. The ENT specialist did not do any tests for me other then an audiometry and some balance testing like standing with both eyes closed or walking in a straight line etc., and they all turned out fine, and neither did he recommend any VRT for me. ... (12 replies)
... fuzzy feeling in the forehead area and behind my eyes. ... (13 replies)
... I also get the disconnected heavy headed feeling, so bad at times I actually have to hold my head up...or at least I feel that I need to. Keep in mind though, the damage I have is permanent, so I will never get better. ... (9 replies)
... Can I just ask, do you ever find yourself worrying about Menieres Disease. I seem to have got it in my head that I have this which I know is illogical because I have no hearing loss or spinning vertigo. ... (9 replies)
... I completely understand the fuzzyhead. I feel like the back of my head is almost tingling, but it's more subtle. And the term I think you might be searching for is "disconnectedness". ... (9 replies)
... the sensation I got was a buzzy fuzzy sensation in the forehead and almost behind the nose, all vestibular rubbish. ... (5 replies)
... Hi,Recently I was vacationing at the beach and I started feeling a fuzzy feeling over the top of my head,I thought I was just in the sun to much.At times I also felt dizzy and things would get a little blurry. ... (1 replies)
... y ear syptoms are showing up. Full ears and head, ear pain and pressure, headaches around ears, some clicking and fluttering, and lots of anxiety. Thats were the fuzzy feeling in my head, I believe is coming from. We'll see, I'm going back to the neurologist tomorrow. Wish me Luck! ... (13 replies)
... Patience is definitely the key point. I hope for you that this will be a minimal thing in your life....for me it's been good, then not, then good, etc. ... (40 replies)
... and the fuzzy head disappeared completely. Over the past few days I started having cereal again, and the fuzziness has returned. ... (0 replies)
... I would characterize mine as chronic disequilibrium also, and mine is a feeling of walking on a rolling ship, or as though the floor isn't where I expect it to be. Sometimes I have a fuzzy or swimmy feeling in my head. ... (5 replies)
Aug 25, 2008
... Let's all storm Dr. Hain's office in September!! Willholl, I'll be anxious to hear how it goes. You haven't seen him yet have you? ... (49 replies)
... I have been noticing a pattern with higher sympthoms first thing in my mornings,but they have been subsiding as the day goes on. ... (29 replies)
... I know your a fellow BPPV suffer so I'm wondering if you could help me out. For the past 10 days I have been feeling this really fuzzy sensation in the middle top part of my head. It's almost like my neck is under a magnet with this annoying buzz and fuzzy pressure feeling. ... (2 replies)
... I started cipramil on wednesday,and so far i feel terrible. I have had headache with full fuzzy feeling and dizziness is not letting up. ... (6 replies)

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