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... and the fuzzy head disappeared completely. Over the past few days I started having cereal again, and the fuzziness has returned. ... (0 replies)
... said that my ears would drain with time and gave me heaps of medication but none of it really cleared it up. I suffered from hearing loss and my ears were always clogged or would have a constant ring. Many times I have woken up and found discharge and sometimes even blood on my pillow. ... (32 replies)
... i am having problems with my ear after the ear infection was cleared it left some fluid i was then reffered to ent said ear was clear but it feels clogged and full i have had bloods comin back all right now im going to dentist to be reffered to tmj clinic as ii try anything im sick of it. how u getting on (32 replies)

... about 2 mos ago, i had a cold. it was a weird cold, nasty cough, but minimal head congestion. ironically i had my regular physical during the cold, and my white blood count came back slightly elevated. just the bacteria fighting cells. ... (2 replies)
... Last Saturday, June 16th, I was taking a shower and right as I was about to get out, water flowed into my right ear and completely and utterly clogged it. It felt as if someone jammed their fist into my ear. I couldn't hear anything from that side and the pressure in my ear was driving me crazy. ... (1 replies)
... db range. I am VERY excited that mid ranges improved being that they were the most drastic loss. Tinnitus is still consistent and clogged feeling still apparent. ... (6 replies)
Allergic bout...
Aug 25, 2008
... We after almost four great weeks I got this new bout, where I blame my allergic condition, and it's side effects for it. Putting aside(for this post) the known MAV/Allergies relationship, I don't know how it works but I know it exists, here's what I'm experiencing right now in comparison to some days ago. During my "free days", besides the dizzy clear mind and body, I... (1 replies)
... (2 replies)
... e blocked as well. My mucus is always really thick. About a year ago I really noticed that my neck would feel tight all the time too and I feel fatigued, like my head weighs a thousand pounds! ... (2 replies)
... e that for nearly 10 months now, but slowly getting better. my dizziness is more of a lightheaded feeling, not a spinning sensation. my ears feel like they are clogged all the time, and the more clogged they feel, the more my head feels like im gonna float away. ... (3 replies)
... for over 6 months now, my ears feel very clogged and full of pressure. Sometimes my whole head feels like it is going to explode from the pressure. Every time i yawn, chew food, or sometimes even move my head i feel like my ear is crackling. ... (9 replies)
... ught allergies only gave you stuffy nose, eyes and throat. My symptoms are Headaches all day long , very sore neck and shoulders, Im always irritable, my skin feels like its burning when I touch it, and I seem to feel a brain fog or spaced out should I say. But I want you to know that I feel you and feel like you. ... (32 replies)
Ear and Head Pain
Aug 14, 2005
... I know that Ears can make alot of things hurt on your body but I am confused. Sometimes my teeth will ache and then my head will pound. My ears feels all clogged up and they hurt from the preasure of wax in them. ... (2 replies)
... that is exactly what it feels like. I have it right now as I type. ... (32 replies)
... ar prob until the doc did a flushing to remove wax. I have never been the same since. Noo other doctors think this is relavant. This last time I got a really bad head cold my ear was acting up really bad. ... (4 replies)
Oct 7, 2003
... I am so sick and tired and frustrated! My ear is so clogged up. I am using Flonase, taking all kinds of vitamins. I tried Sudafed and hot cloths and Claritin and I even quit smoking. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. ... (3 replies)
Sep 9, 2003
... The room doesn't spin, it's more like I am spinning. My head feels very heavy or very light, I'm in a total fog. You describe your imbalance as an exagerated sensation of movement. That's exactly how I feel. ... (2 replies)
... I have some of the same symptoms. My neck and back of the head is sore almost all of the time. My physician said it was arthritis and I try to control that with aspirin or naproxen sodium. My head feels like it is in a vice. ... (32 replies)
... My nose always feels clogged. ... (32 replies)
Clogged ears
Apr 19, 2002
... I have posted before on this ear thing but I just can't seem to come to a conclusion. It all started with the dizzies or woozies. Feel motion in my head or sometimes body. ... (7 replies)

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