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... For about a month I have had this loud ear click in my left ear when I swallow. ... (0 replies)
... could be etube dysfunction, patulous e tube, or tensor tympani myoclonus....any other symptoms or sensations with this? (8 replies)
... Not loud, several in a row. (8 replies)

... what kind of popping? loud, several in a row? there are many causes for this. lib (8 replies)
... except that the muscle that contracts at loud noises doesn't reopen properly. I was told not to worry about it, but it scared me. ... (6 replies)
... d vertigo and a hissing high piched tinnitus. My left eustachian tube was blocked. This condition was relieved with medrol. But I still have the tinnitus and now loud and painfull crackeling sounds when I swallow. Anybody knows about this? ... (2 replies)
... I have been suffering from multiple ear issues, including inner ear migraines, fluctuating hearing loss, and eustachian tube dysfunction, all of which I believe are being caused by abnormally tight muscles in the head, neck, and jaw. Anyway, manipulating my eustachian tubes through the act of swallowing, yawning, or intentional ear clearing (non- Valsava, gentle procedures)... (0 replies)
... for the last 3 years i have had the following symptoms: • My own speech or other self-generated noises (e.g. heartbeat, breathing, creaking joints, chewing, swallowing) are heard very loud in my head as if I am in a barrel (Autophony??) • Dizziness - when ears pop, blowing nose, sneezing • Loss of balance when walking • the sound of my footsteps when walking or... (2 replies)
... Have you been around any really loud sounds or are you sensitive to loud sounds currenlty? ... (9 replies)
... d was watching TV when suddenly my hearing in my left ear felt funny. in the matter of 30 minutes my left ear felt blocked, and very sensitive to sounds and very loud tinnitus. I haven't had tinnitus in months.. and never had an issue with a clogged ear feeling. ... (2 replies)
... Hi- I am writing in hopes of helping out some of the people on this site. I have been suffering with an undiagnosed condition for over a year now. I've been to 20+ doctors and specialists and had every test you can imagine. I was diagnosed with Migraine Associated Vertigo by a few of the doctors as well as: Stress, Heavy Metal Poisoning, and just plain crazy. I was put... (13 replies)
Going NUTS
Jun 12, 2008
... HI D&S, sorry to hear you are still feeling so bad. you mentioned you are still on Xanax - read below. See the side effects, it could explain the feelings you have been having ? Xanax (Alprazolam) is part of the class of drugs called benzodiazepines more commonly referred to as BENZO’s. Xanax is a depressant, used primarily for short term relief of mild to moderate... (17 replies)
... s that I have been overcoming the last several months starting in August. I'm 24 now and have had Tinnitus since July '07, mine was induced by going to the same loud night club 2 nights in a row for 3 hours each. ... (16 replies)
Dizziness and More
Jul 27, 2006
... deep sharp pains now and then, A crackling sound that feels like I have a bad radio station connection, This is made worse or brought on with yawning, speaking, swallowing and loud noises, yelling, etc. My jaw has a popping, cracking sound directly in the jaw bone close to where your jaw and ear meet. ... (8 replies)
... natchat, your symptoms sound like you have myoclonus in the ear, look up stapedial myoclonus, tensor tympani syndrome, and middle ear can be in the e tube as well. any idea as to what could have caused yours? lib (50 replies)
... weeks ago but they are just maddening. I get ear popping when swallowing, burping and yawning but also when there is a loud noise my right ear and also I have had two episodes of ear clicking which lasted over 12 hours. My Sydney ENT didn't offer any help. ... (50 replies)
... e pressure but the pressure just comes straight back into my ears there is also a feeling like im up on a range and air is trapped inside ear. DOES any one get swallowing problems with this? ... (1 replies)
... ear is more moist and moves around more and when I pinch my nose and blow I get a really loud squeak. On a hot day when the blockage is dry, if I move my jaw around I feel the tube pops. If that makes sense? ... (26 replies)
... bout two weeks after the day I noticed some hearing returning, that even more hearing has returned. Now when I listen to the phone dial tone,, it seems almost as loud in my right ear as my good ear. However, it's a bit dull. ... (22 replies)
... it does sound like p e t, i have popping and cracking with my myoclonus. what does the popping sound like? is it really loud? the fact that thats new makes me wonder...i would have thought this would have been first...also the blowing air does not make sense to me either.... i wonder are you sensitive to noise? lib (84 replies)

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