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... drops. Can't find any scientific literature relating to the use of these drops for PET. ... (1 replies)
Dec 16, 2012
... I have PET which seems to be in the left ear only. I saw Dr. Poe two weeks ago and he gave me premarin drops which seemed to be improving things until this weekend. ... (0 replies)
... We have finally gotten a diagnosis after 3 and a 1/2 years. Our family has been to every doctor we could even think of to help with the symptoms she was experiencing. Her symptoms are: Popping/clicking, autophony, ear fullness, some tinnitus (pounding), slight dizzyness/vertigo, noises when she chews, swallows, yawns, etc. and occasionally she will go through episodes... (1 replies)

... Thanks for the advice. Might be okay if I was female and needing HRT, but this is definitely not the case either way! :) (1 replies)
... I was diagnosed with a PET at House Clinic in LA. They prescribed the premarin nasal solution which did help me in different ways. I no longer use the drops. My situation is somewhat complicated because I also battle depression and anxiety. ... (42 replies)
... until may of the year when I started hearing myself talk in my other ear. my otolaryngologist said I had pet. He gave me the ususal treatment of nose sprays and premarin drops. ... (0 replies)
... So the SSKI and Premarin are also given by drops into your nose? ... (58 replies)
... Robert, I'm glad the PatulEnd is helping you! For me, it is still very rare that the drops reach the ETs. It almost seems to me like I have more success with the first ear I treat, whether its the left or right. ... (58 replies)
... Yorkere, I used 10 drops in liquid drink 3 times a day. I used it for 1 month as my doctor recommended. It had no effect at all on my ears. ... (66 replies)
... g out of my mind. I had to continue taking them because I would never have slept otherwise. I was also on meclazine at the time for dizziness. I administered the premarin solution by tilting my head back and placing three drops in my right nostril. No, potassium iodide was not also prescribed. ... (42 replies)
... I have PET and tried SSKI. It had no effect on the PET at all. (66 replies)
... I had the tube put in last June. I was told I had a patulous eustachion tube. After nasonex, rhinocort, premarin nose drops did not help. I was having alot of pressure in my right ear, I could hear myself talk and breath. I have had a bad left ear since 1991. ... (32 replies)
... He gave me two different nose sprays which did not help. Then he put me on premarin nose drops. Thats when everything went really hay wire. I now have roaring tinnitus in that ear along with the pressure and hearing myself talk. ... (24 replies)
... hi, what symptoms of meiners do you have? how was that diagnosed? and do you think you have that as well? reason i ask is there are other conditions that can cause these symptoms, sscd and myoclonus, so it could be something else for sure. dr denis poe in boston is the top expert in p e t, he says wieght really has nothing to do with it....interestinly enough. could you see... (84 replies)
... d. No I do not hear breathing in my ears. When I first saw him about this condition my symptoms were just the pressure, autophony, fullness. After he gave me the premarin nasal drops thats when I started having the boom sound that echoes inside my head even if I turn my head slightly, walk softly, talk very softly. ... (84 replies)
... nt in our responses to meds. From what I read of your note I am in category 3 so that may be why no results from the tea but both that and the two types of nose drops were such easy ways to try for a solution before opting for surgery. ... (173 replies)
... i do beleive the drops have hormones but i am unaware of what ones, you could certainly try them as you may be the one it helps and that would be wonderful. ... (173 replies)
... They are the only irritant nose drop I have been offered over here in Oz. Haven't been offered Premarin or anything else. Do you recommend using them and should I ask the Professor for a script when i see him? ... (173 replies)
... and the FDA drug study drops from the Ear Foundation in Santa Barbara. No improvement with any of them unfortunately. ... (173 replies)
... hi kathleen, first off how did you get a letter from poe that fast and second what did it say? i dont think botox in the face would do it, i am not sure but ask the expert he would know. some autoimmune does play a role like rheumatoid disease. you know i dont know if we were or were not born with the defects, i dont beleive i was i think like the expert said, the chain of... (173 replies)

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