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Menieres or ETD
Aug 28, 2014
... I have been suffering with some inner ear issues since January 2013 and still do not have a good diagnosis. It was around that time that I got sick with either the FLU or some virus and ended up with a sinus and ear infection as well. I am looking for any comments based on the following. ... (0 replies)
... Last Sunday I went to a heavy metal concert. Without thinking I stood way too close to their speakers. I noticed the next morning ringing in my ear. Over the next few days I also noticed pressure in my left ear. ... (1 replies)
... upon conducting research on your diagnosis, I have found out what the eustachian tubes are. although you commented on the source of the popping, do you have any idea of what might be the cause of pain? ... (5 replies)

... Hi, sounds as if your eustachian tubes may not be draining properly creating an imbalance of pressure in the inner ear hence the pain and popping. ... (5 replies)
... I get vertigo and lightheadedness. It all started in March of 2012. I was told in December 2013 that I have visual vestibular hypersensitivity, also known as migraine associated vertigo. ... (1 replies)
... like and feel faint in stores. I have been seeing a neurotologist. I would suggest seeing one of those. They specialize in the inner ear. I wish you the best. ... (1 replies)
... My name its joe and I was diagnosed in the summer of 2009 with cochlear hydrops. It was devastating everything I read about said there is very little treatment that works and no cure. ... (0 replies)
... I've been under a neurologist and neurologist's care so I know I don't have a brain tumor. I have pressure behind my left eye and ringing in my left ear. I've had PLF surgery and these symptoms haven't gone away. ... (1 replies)
... My head has been feeling full and my ears hurt. I also have a terrible ringing sound in my ears, especially my left on. Sometimes I get dizzy if I move too fast or stand up too fast. I've also been having sweating for no reason. ... (1 replies)
... the loud voice, breathing sounds and heavy pressure in the ear are most likley patulous eustachian tube, the e tube is open rather than closed. ... (5 replies)
... hearing you pulse, swooshing sound with the heart beat, almost all the time, when it is quiet? ... (1 replies)
... I have had problems with my left ear. started with some sounds which hurt and echoed, kids and womens voices especially, and when listening to phone with that ear it sounded robotic, its like the treble is turned up full whereas the right ear is lovely and bass sounding. ... (10 replies)
... If I lightly press down on my ear right.... ... (1 replies)
... Last Saturday, June 16th, I was taking a shower and right as I was about to get out, water flowed into my right ear and completely and utterly clogged it. It felt as if someone jammed their fist into my ear. ... (1 replies)
... Hi guys, here's my story, I'm getting pretty fed up with the NHS here in the UK, so I thought I'd give this board a go. ... (1 replies)
... i am not a doctor but my friend had bad pressure in the ear and got tubes put in and the pressure and the hearing got better(he said it felt like being on an airplane,,,,i thought menieres was hearing loss and severe vertigo like spining and falling down? or severe hearing loss? (5 replies)
... salt diet doesn't work, a prominant doctor in the field tries a combination of Verapamil and Betahistine. Just FYI if you want to mention it to your doctor. ... (8 replies)
... I've been going through the same thing. For a few weeks I wasn't doing that bad. The popping and pressure in the ear was still there, but the anxiety and wooziness was mostly gone. I was even able to go on a long drive. ... (12 replies)
... My 27 yr old daughter is really having problems. She has symptoms of pressure in the front of her head. She gets a terrible headache that asperins don't help. She is dizzy alot of the time. Her heart starts racing. ... (2 replies)
... yr old male, with a bunch of problems. but i'm going to talk about the ear problem for now. a few weeks ago, i can almost say it was a month ago. ... (1 replies)

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