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Swooshing in ears
Oct 12, 2003
... ut it hasn't helped. I also get the heart palpatations and am currently wearing a heart moniter to detect any abnormal beats. Does anyone get the swoohing sound in their ears when they lay down? ... (1 replies)
... I had a cold for about a week and during the cold I noticed a bass type sound in my left ear. It sort of sounds like being at a stop sign and hearing a car behind you somewhere playing their music too loudly with the bass rumble. ... (4 replies)
... You could have fluid in your ears, and your Eustachian tubes could be a little swollen. ... (2 replies)

... (2 replies)
... I am a 30 year old mother of two and I recently came down with a cold and i keep hearing this Swooshing sound in Both Ears. I have had this issue before, but when i went to the Ear Dr years ago he said I had no Issues with my Hearing. ... (2 replies)
... of my hearing in my left ear. It has been 13 years and I have learned to live with the tinnitus and pressure. Then this past May in my right ear I started having alot of pressure and I could hear myself talk. ... (24 replies)
... I've had ringing in both ears as long as I can remember, swooshing on the right ear. Sometimes it'll swoosh in my left. It feels like my ears a full, crackling sounds as I swollen or yawn. Dr checked, no infection so she gave me a referral to an ENT. ... (0 replies)
... I had ear tubes put in a few days ago and i am experiencing a few symptoms that are driving me crazy. ... (3 replies)
... I get these symptoms every few months and it lasts from 2 days to about 2 weeks and it drives me nuts. Every time I move my head or stand up or make a sudden move or not so sudden, my head and/or ears go whoosh-whoosh usually two to four times . It is a constant thing, all day long. Does it have to do with my sinuses...I have taken my blood pressure during these times and... (0 replies)
... I had the tube put in last June. I was told I had a patulous eustachion tube. After nasonex, rhinocort, premarin nose drops did not help. ... (32 replies)
... Hi I just had ear tubes in my ears yesterday in the dr. office, Bewcause I have been suffering with ETD for 2 months now.. so much pain and pressure and noise and crackles and pops. ... (32 replies)
... hearing you pulse, swooshing sound with the heart beat, almost all the time, when it is quiet? ... (1 replies)
... I too get a noise in one of my ears..almost like something is moving. I went to my doctor and he said there was fluid in my ear from congestion. I've been told to take decongestents...but I take them everyday and they don't really help. ... (1 replies)
Ground bouncing
Nov 7, 2001
... This is the first time I have ever participated on a chat board. And I must say that I am very happy to have found you. I thought that I was the only one in this dizzy, foggy world of ours. ... (2 replies)
... But they did say there was a thickening of my sinuses on the right side. My ENT said it was nothing that he'd treat unless I'm in pain which I'm not. I've been on the Prednisone taper for almost 2 weeks now and I'm feeling much better, almost normal. ... (5 replies)
... There's plenty of information around on the Internet about this condition. It's treatable, and very very common in women your age. ... (14 replies)
... woke up in the middle of the night feeling extremely sick and a little dizzy. ... (14 replies)
... After a week of feeling "swooshy" in my ears, and then intense dizziness for a few days, I went to the doctor and he said I have Labyrinthitis and that it would go away in a week. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Angela, thanks for your message. I went to Ross Hall yesterday and say Mr Bingham the ENT specialist. He examined my ears and said both of them were very conjested from the flu I have recently and the ear infection. ... (123 replies)
... ing constant sinus and throat infections, it would go back and forth from a sinus to a throat infection for oh almost a year... then I developed the pressure etc in my ears. ... (123 replies)

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