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... And as the same symptoms, I feel heavy eyes, and pressure on the left side of my head... ... (19 replies)
Aug 29, 2004
... Yes my eyes always feel tired heavy and blurry and when I am really dizzy everyone says they can tell by my eyes, they have a kind of glazed over look. ... (5 replies)
Oct 24, 2003
... a sense of visual disorientaton, tired, heavy eyes, pain over my right eye, seemed to improve a lot. ... (2 replies)

... s ridiculous and now I am panicked cause I have never gotten knocked this far back before and it has been soooooo long currnt symptoms daily are really tired sore balance....heavy headed feeling....hard to walk around cause feel unsteady and feel like need to lay down....brain rushes.... ... (12 replies)
... Hi Scott This junk always makes me feel tired/drowsy and I always have heavy eyes and some form of head pressure/ache. Its always been a part of the dizziness for me and forms a part of my bizarre warped world. Its strange sometimes after a long day I feel really off balance and next day I wake up and its better. Vision still remains a massive issue for me and my... (10 replies)
... opthamologist to get another opinion as well....and to have them look into my eyes for more of an idea...but for some reason, i think they will come up with no answers. ... (118 replies)
... I have the jumpy vision, some days and times are worse than others. It feels like when I look at something and try to fix on it, that my eyes are having a hard time fixing on it, they make it feel like my eyes are back and forth without me doing it. or twitching? ... (118 replies)
... Thanks for venting, you have explained exactly how I feel, my eyes feel so heavy, it's difficult to concentrate and my face feels as though it's had a good kicking, roll on bedtime, I have very few symptoms then! ... (19 replies)
... Since July 05 ENT and all the tests, Cariologist and all the tests, now my PC wants to send me to a bigger out of state Hospital for more tests. What will they be checking for now? List of symptoms: Dizzy/vertigo feeling, worse when I have head movements or excersize. Spaced out feeling, heavy eyes, tired, sore neck (on and off). Oh, and the latest one (I think my wife is... (2 replies)
What the Hell????
Dec 23, 2004
... situation, sending his nurse in with the results without being able to tell me what was going on. I delt with this off and on outta it feelings, with dizzyness, heavy eyes, and generally overall just feel like crap kinda stuff for two days. I called my doctor on Wednesday and told him what was up. ... (1 replies)
Aug 9, 2003
... they have not improved the dizziness. Yes my eyes are sore, tired, heavy and puffy bags underneath in the mornings. ... (6 replies)
... thing what i also notice is that when my mental fog is at it's worse my eyes feel real heavy and tired it feels like i can't even keep my eyelids open. I begining to wonder if this is a vison problem. ... (8 replies)
... is weird visual disturbance that I have never found an explanation online or anyone else with it. When I look at a light source the light kind of beams toward my eyes and is very apparent when on the road all the cars headlights bend towards the bottom of my vision and seems to be relieved a little if I open my eyes very wide. ... (5 replies)
... Swollen glands below jaw on both sides with vision shimmering side to side. Mild on and off headaches and sinus like pressure above and around eyes and on forehead. ... (4 replies)
... gluten free diet, vit b12 shots, exercise, lots of water, and recently medical qi gong geared at the eyes and yang energy. I will also on occasion do EFT for the fatigue and I think it helps with the emotional aspect. ... (10 replies)
Make it STOP!!!
Jul 9, 2008
... I've had this issue for several years, primarily bet May and end of July. I try to walk for excercise, but the heavy vegetation growth in my neighborhood contributes to my "issue" and I get horrible vertigo, not to mention the sneezies and itchy watery eyes. ... (2 replies)
... normal. Pressure tests, hearing tests, blood work all normal. Rotary chair test had abnormal visual readings. My eyes were compensating faster than my central system and vestibular system. I was told it was consistent with a central problem not vestibular. ... (11 replies)
... About two weeks ago (s/p getting over 2 URIs in the Fall) my head didn't feel quite right, very heavy and had some trouble focusing my eyes-as though fighting off a virus and being extremely over tired. A week later I experienced a dizzy spell while at work-came on suddenly and I had to sit for a while lest I fall over. I attributed it to overwork in a crazy environment with... (5 replies)
Dec 5, 2007
... Honestly, my bads are not as bad and my good are really getting better. I still am dealing with this heady stuff. Feel fuzzy heavy head..and still off in stores. The chronic nature of the head crap makes me nuts. I have had moments where I feel close to normal if not normal... ... (10 replies)
... d it with the exception of some borderline leftward asymmetry. My visual vestibular ocular reflex was abnormal with a little increased gain. In other words, my eyes were compensating a little faster than my vestibular and brain were. When the test was repeated a year later, my result were normal. ... (13 replies)

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