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... For over 5 years now I have been unsteady most days, had MRI's, CAT's, numerous ENT's who don't know and say its a mystery..., anxiety depression meds, therapy, Epley maneuvers you name it.. ... (10 replies)
... Clear head, but feel like my feet are unsteady when standing still. ... (1 replies)
... in my eyes. I even wonder if the vertigo I experienced in the begining was dizziness made worse by anxiety. I do know that prednisone made me more dizzy. As for unsteady while walking,not sure. One time while standing with my eyes closed my wife told me I was swaying, I never felt a thing. ... (15 replies)

... But that type of dizzyness tends to get worse when you think about it and also be accompanied with other anxiety symptoms. Also if you have a vestibular upset 'anxiety' is virtually the norm! ... (15 replies)
... does anyone feel unsteady just standing in place? ... (16 replies)
... I kinda have a feeling of light headedness with intermitent feelings of being unsteady when standing or walking. I can also kinda feel that when I look at things they tend to shift slightly. I know that seems a bit weird at first it freaked me out but know I have had it so many times it does not scare me. ... (2 replies)
... I wonder if my 'feeling off balance when walking thing' is a bit worse because I am sooooooo focused on times I really find I seem to focus on it all the time............ ... (41 replies)
... back there are the same old symptoms. At the moment I kinda have a feeling of light headedness with intermitent feelings of being unsteady when standing or walking. I can also kinda feel that when I look at things they tend to shift slightly. ... (4 replies)
... Extreme straining when working out with weights, intense stress levels at the time the symptoms appeared. ... (18 replies)
... stand up without feeling woozy, unsteady and generally weak. Lying down seemed to reduce the symptoms considerably but the general ill feeling still was about in this position. ... (3 replies)
... Well curiously, now that you mentioned it, one of my most upseting symptoms is exactly this, I tend to get more trouble from "static balance", standing still, or sitting down, that from dynamic balance" running, walking or even dancing. ... (4 replies)
... Yes, vertigo at the begining then subsiding is classic of any vestibular insult (vestibular neuronitis for example), as once the initial damage is done a mechanism kicks in allowing the brain to turn off/reduce the worst of the faulty signals, then it's down to the fine tuning process - there is a far better description below... The virus only lasts for a few days (maybe a... (28 replies)
... posted. It is nice to know that someone is suffering the same symptoms as yourself, I know that sounds awful but you know what I mean! I too, have no problems standing one one leg with eyes closed. I do feel wobbly but I do not fall over. ... (16 replies)
... Ohhhh ok, The inner ear has no real propensity to repair itself (nor do the nerves leading to it), so when someone suffers from any injury to the inner ear (such as VN or labs, where by the virus only lasts a few days) they cause damage and the ear will not recover, however, your brain adapts to the damage leaving you essentially symptom free, this adaptation is called... (10 replies)
... Hey Dude...just tried it and feel slightly unsteady but probably more steady than if I am standing still and looking around the room. Sometimes my legs will shake a little while standing still waiting for a train or something. ... (16 replies)
... Try standing on your 2 knees...stand there still and liesurely look around the room at different steady do you feel or not feel while on your knees? ... (16 replies)
... period, the brain recognizes that the signals being received from the ears are incorrect and turns the signals off through a process called the cerebellar clamp. When the clamp is in place, the spinning and much of the 'sick' feeling improve. ... (12 replies)
... maybe feeling of being knocked down sometimes. I feel like I have something kind of pushing the back of my head or making it feel tight or heavy. Kind of like an unsteady or shifting feeling where I feel more movement than usual when standing or walking even though there isn't. ... (14 replies)
... unbalanced when standing and walking........I know thats an old story..LOL. ... (12 replies)
... Basically I feel at my best when either alying semi reclined or travelling in the car. But all hell lets loose when I have to stand and walk. I look to all intents and purposes normal, i am not staggering or swaying. ... (8 replies)

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