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... ya. my tests were normal too. it sucks because your word against the doctors. my specialist still beleives there is something going on with my ear but dunno what. have you looked into the symptoms of a perilymph fistula or csf leak? if your chiro did something.. they could have caused some physical damage. (20 replies)
... s sending me to a neurologist. I have only had 1 MRI to rule out a stroke, and it was normal also. My own doctor doesn't want me to go to her is it is about the veritgo because she doesn't know what to do...grrrr. ... (20 replies)
... I'am glad I happened upon this board, I usually post on the spinal cord injury board, since I have cervical spinal stenosis the dizziness has been attributed to my stenosis, but one time I went to the ER with a really bad UTI and the EM doctor looked in my ears and told me that I had a bad inner ear problem ,so I told my neuro and she pretty much ignored me and told me that... (16 replies)

... Hello, I have just gotten back from Jamaica and since then have been diagnosed with vertigo, I have had a thyroid problem for seven years and got off medication last year this time, I was hyper.... my questions are is a person with thyriod history more apt. to get this vertigo and is it bc of the plane ride that I got it? and most importantly how do I get rid of it, does it... (0 replies)
... alborde, are you taking topamax for mav? what dose are you taking? i found it interesting you said it helped with your brain fog b/c i thought one of the side effects of anti-convulsants was that it causes cognition to get a lot worse (bad memory, loss of words, etc) (77 replies)
... I also think that anti-convulsants have helped me with the "brain fog." I am not sure if that would work for you or not. I have a dual diagnosis of both bilateral vestibular loss and MAV (migraine associated vertigo). The anti-convulsants are used as a migraine preventive. I never had migraines before I acquired the inner ear disorder and my migraines are primarily... (77 replies)
Jul 31, 2009
... I dont have any pain in my head though..just some severe pressure behind my nose...i can breath fine..just the pressure which he gave me medicine for and i'm hoping will work... (3 replies)
Jul 31, 2009
... Hi Ryan, The sinus problem combined with the dizziness could be migraine. This is common stuff that comes up ALL the time. Of course you might also have VN or some sort of viral labyrinthitis going on. It's likely too early to know. Be aware that ENTs are usually pretty hopeless in diagnosing dizzy disorders. Professor Halmagyi (neurotologist) here in Sydney once told me... (3 replies)
Jul 31, 2009
... i had my first vertigo attack while working one night- luckily i work in a hospital so i went straight to the ER- they gave me zofran for the nausea and antivert- it helped enough to allow me to go home but the attacks continued for another month- though much to a lesser degree thanks to the antivert however i was frustrated with not feeling 100% so i went to my ENT and he... (3 replies)
Jul 31, 2009
... So i've slowly been getting vertigo over the past month. It started with small episodes and gradually started to occur much more often and stronger but not severe. I also noticed that deep in my sinuses it was getting alot more pressure along with some black blue beneath my eyes and on the sides...i could still breath fine..just deep inside. I've lived with allergies and... (3 replies)
... just keep in mind that the test isn't 100%. i know of leakers who have taken the tests and have gotten negative results even tho they had leaks seen during surgery. either way, i hope it works. hopefully you'll get the results you're looking for. as for the abx.. thanks for the advice. i will ask my dr. i hope you're doing well and take it easy. (20 replies)
... I just got my family dr. to round me up a Beta2-transferrin test from the Mayo clinic. Found out about it reading up on some head and neck surgery after our communications. It's going to cost me about 320$ US, and I can collect the fluid myself and throw it in the freezer until my hospitial sends it down south. The test should be able to identify perilymph or csf in other... (20 replies)
... btw- someone with a csf leak told me that if you do find yourself in ER looking for help.. you can try an IV to help bring up your ICP. (20 replies)
... wow. i could have written this word for word. i have been getting optical nerve pain recently as well as my increase of sinus pain is just to the right of my nose.... i've been taking it easy tho and healing... but when i heal i get more dizzy. 'tis strange... but i don't know if this can be found or fixed. (20 replies)
... The lump in the back of your throat/sinus and the pressure across the back of your neck/occipital is where my symptoms first displayed themselves as well. Extensive rest has definately improved them as well. The drainage, and the manner in which it starts, come straight out of my file as well. As such for the popping sounds around the inside of the skull, these have... (20 replies)
... just emailed you... are you following protocol and not lifting, bending, straining etc? i made huge improvements when I started that and can control a lot of my symptoms from worsening. i heard alcohol increases ICP and have noticed an increase of pressure after I had a drink or two. one of my PLF buddies swears by wine as it also suppresses her vestibular symptoms. (20 replies)
... Exactly the same, and with the plug as well. Just spent a week struggling with an infection that strexhed all the way back into my occiptal, finally clearing after working out a mass of white, tissue like in consistency, phlegm. This seemed to be irritating either a nerve (trigmenial poss?) or was pinching an artery as the stroke like symptoms followed immediately after I... (20 replies)
... wow. you've got the same thing! and you're in canada!! i have had no luck with neuro-otoligsts here... they think it's all in my head like i'm some sort of hysterical woman who has nothing better to do then complain. yes, i know about the risks but my dr.s have never seemed concerned and never prescribed abx. i'm a bit worried today as i've had a really sore/throat/neck... (20 replies)
... Same here, when it flows, I go spiraling down. I'm usually ok for a couple hours in the morning, and it feels like I'm congested in my right sinus. It's always this sinus, never the left. If you do get a csf leak test, make sure they use pledglets to catch samples in your sinuses. I had one done, and was told by the technician that the manner in which I was tested was... (20 replies)
... been almost 2 years in my case. it all started after diving into water then worsened 3 weeks later after a chiro adjustment. i was doing pretty good and getting better until i opted for exploratory surgery for my ear as i was certain that i had a plf leak. my dr. didn't find one but didn't follow protocol (and my request) as i was left without being patched up so i... (20 replies)

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