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... Oh and I forgot to ask you how did your vs start for you? I started getting trails in 2009 after stopping an antidepressant but had blue entropic stuff and floaters before that so I think it just slowly got worse for me and continues. I was part of a Visual snow study in California so I am hoping they figure out the vs. (8 replies)
... Well, I can some what relate because I have shaky vision, but mine sweeps left to right and I have no visible nystagmus as well. ... (8 replies)
... trouble concentrating. Life seems to pass by and I'm not really there but I am, shaky limbs hands and even inside body shaky feeling, pressure feeling in eyes when it's really acting up. ... (6 replies)

24/7 shaky vision
Oct 23, 2011
... shaky bouncy vision for 4 years. I have been diagnosed with menieres disease. I stumbled across a fix for my eyes! ... (0 replies)
Shaky vision
Jun 25, 2009
... how can I fix shaky vision (1 replies)
... I have had this brain fog, disociative, dizzy thing for 4 years straight now. I have noticed people posting regarding shaky vision and I had a question. ... (3 replies)
... izzies" are still there going on 4 years it, absoulutly sucks. today is a bad day for me i have been having major anxiety that will not seem to go away. Thus the shaky vibrating vision thing is so much unbearable. I hope some one finds an answer to what we are suffering with, soon! ... (52 replies)
... ok..this may sound weird, but for me it can be different--some days worse than others. however, the movement---no matter what kind is always there and is CONSTANT--it has yet to go away for one whole minute since it all started so long ago. it has morphed actually. it kinda started like objects or what i was looking at would move away from eachother--for example...if i were... (19 replies)
... a year and almost a month later. i don't know if mine qualifies as the same "shifting" vision as you. ... (19 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
Jun 10, 2008
... hi! i have not yet been to an endocrinologist---most all my docs are either baffled or giving me some "trial and error" type guesses. may i ask what makes this come to mind? i am willing to try anything to make this go away!! i will hit my one year mark tomorrow...and no relief yet. could this be for both women and men when you say hormonal--i know one member missy777 had a... (118 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
May 17, 2008
... The vision problems I am having are all related to "sensory overload" caused by migraine. It's horrible. ... (118 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
May 14, 2008
... alexi, richard, now i'm crying reading about your trouble at stores too. i just had this happen to me today. i just started to get over having BPPV problems that i had for the last 8 months. now i'm totally depressed because i started to do some vestibular PT (not epleys and stuff but visual and balance exercises) and i'm sick as can be. i can't handle driving. i... (118 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
May 11, 2008
... hi rich, i'm so sorry your at another down point with this. i know for me, it was and is still ups and downs. now though, mostly that's a good start :) i tried the valium as well about a month into this and it was a serious no go for me--i was seriously "drugged" and couldn't do much in addition to the condition. so i took the xanax. but i was thinking the same... (118 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
May 11, 2008
... wow, that's quite a story! Right now, I'm in the peak of anxiety and depression. I WAS doing 0.25mg xanax 2x per day, but my doctor wants me to switch to valium because it has a more calming effect on the vestibular system. I'm afraid if I take it, my brain won't compensate for the deficits I'm having, and it will prolong my condition. So, I'm mostly just sticking with the... (118 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
May 10, 2008
... nk so. light sensitivity..well, i think meds will help with that. and dizzies...yeah, it will fade too. i think a little remains with me...but mostly cuz of my vision least i think that's why. sorry to ramble... ... (118 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
May 10, 2008
... My goal is to be able to be free of the "dizzies", light sensivitiy and motion sensivity. I think that's a realistic goal. If the vision thing takes longer, so be it. These other symptoms are much worse. ... (118 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
May 10, 2008
... the nori has probably helped with the headaches, but the other symptoms just went away over time, and the vision gradually morphed into what it is now. so now i have that with some head pains, occasional short tinnitus, a floater, and still have "off" days. ... (118 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
May 10, 2008
... Are you on the highest dose of nortryptiline for migraine? That could be part of the reason you haven't gotten all the benefits yet. if you are at the ceiling dose, and you have been on it since November, it's time to add another med to it I would think. I've been learning a lot more about MAV and people with tough symptoms are often requiring multiple meds. They say to... (118 replies)
... do they still think vision issues like this is all just MAV? ... (118 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
Apr 27, 2008
... r heart beat makes me wonder if there isn't something going on with your neck and blood vessels. Blood flow, migraines, tension, pressure, throbbing eye issues, vision difficulties that you've described, etc. all seem to be related to one another. ... (118 replies)

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