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Jumpy shaky vision
Mar 16, 2008
... If it's SSCD, it's permanent unless you get the surgery. Some people with it only have hearing loss or auditory annoyment. If that's the case, surgery is delayed and a "watch and see" approach is taken. But for people like us, where dizziness is a part of our every day life, the surgery can literally give us our lives back. Of course, every sugery has risks, but I just... (118 replies)
Shifting Vision
Dec 10, 2009
... e road seems to be slightly moving and on the computer if i am having a bad day the screen moves left to right and seems all swimmy. It is hard to explain but my vision in general feels out of focus but i am sure that there is nothing wrong with my eyes, thats why i feel the problem is coming from my ear. ... (0 replies)
... Go see an eye doctor. You have something different than us. The shifting vision we experience IMPROVES when driving. If yours gets WORSE with driving, you might have something called osillopsia. ... (19 replies)

... I have this shifting vision thing. I have it very often and its mostly goes with my heartbeat or when I am driving. ... (19 replies)
... eating horribly etc. I had alot of the sensation that if I turn my head, my brain keeps on moving, this began to increase in times per day as well. I had the 3 shifting experiences where I began to feel that everything was off kilter and then the shifting. ... (19 replies)
... Headache Migraine. I have not experienced this Shifting since then and that was 14 months ago. I think all my meds have raised my threshold enough where I still have some sx. ... (19 replies)
... o yea richard mine is better with any kind of movement whether i am moving or the object is etc like watching tv riding in car running walking any thing even if i watch people or things moving it is better. also it is worse trying to focus on far away objects than it is for close but they both are contantly shimmering wobbling shifting shaking jerking or whatever you want to... (19 replies)
... mine is the WHOLE WORLD, at ALL TIMES, appear to constantly shift around and move not even a secound still but i never was disembarked from any thing and alezi mine kind of worped into this too. it use to be that objects would pulsate back and forth to and from if you know what i mean now it is always shifting in all different directions back and forth side to side up down you... (19 replies)
... I find it hard to focus well and gaze stability is not perfect, but I don't perceive the world to be shifting around me. I still can't watch quickly moving things, such as look out the side window of a car or watch lots of movement on TV. ... (19 replies)
... granted, i only know 5 people who have it, but i have read posts on other sites of many others as well, so i know its out there. lots of things can happen to vision in migraine. ... (19 replies)
... ok..this may sound weird, but for me it can be different--some days worse than others. however, the movement---no matter what kind is always there and is CONSTANT--it has yet to go away for one whole minute since it all started so long ago. it has morphed actually. it kinda started like objects or what i was looking at would move away from eachother--for example...if i were... (19 replies)
... well, let me follow up with another question then....for you, does it seem that your vision is affected only looking at certain objects, or only out of the corner of your eye? ... (19 replies)
... a year and almost a month later. i don't know if mine qualifies as the same "shifting" vision as you. ... (19 replies)
... There is a symptom typically associated with "mal de debarkment", where people have the illusion that the world is shifting around, making it difficult to keep their eyes fixated on an object they are looking at. ... (19 replies)
Update month 22
Jul 3, 2008
... Charlotte, is just seems like the brain can't process the shifting when we are moving, and it has nothing to do with the brain's adaptation to motion, as previously thought. I just can't believe that. ... (11 replies)
Update month 22
Jul 3, 2008
... Rich interesting..I have vision shifting...I feel much less when I am driving. Interesting. ... (11 replies)
Update month 22
Jul 3, 2008
... t it as a separate entity. The "vision shifting" phenomenon is what has me the most baffled, and even though I have other symptoms that are quite disabling, the vision shifting is by FAR, the most annoying, and creates a kind of dizziness that literally makes you want to rip your hair right out of your head. ... (11 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
May 17, 2008
... The vision problems I am having are all related to "sensory overload" caused by migraine. It's horrible. ... (118 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
May 11, 2008
... de "dizziness". But after leveling off, the symptoms started to escalate again. The dizziness turned into feelings of rocking, bobbing, and swaying. The world shifting from left to right started to shift up and down. My intolerance to head motions became apparent. ... (118 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
May 10, 2008
... to, but not quite enough to warrant stopping, another drug can be added to it depending on what's happening. If the only symptom you are having right now is the shifting vision, the way I see it, you are in GREAT shape!! I know it's annoying. ... (118 replies)

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