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Visual Dependence
Apr 11, 2009
... Thanks for all your responses. I am currently doing a visual vertigo dvd from my local hospital, you stand in front of the tv and it shows you black and white patterns moving in different directions. ... (13 replies)
... hi rob, glad you are doing better than the beginning--it sounds like. i was wondering, did you have constant jumpy vision at the beginning of this too...since you said now it's just when you run or stomp your feet?? just curious if yours was like mine is now... do you do vrt's also? thanks:) (20 replies)
... Thought i would give my visual symptoms as these are what realy bothers me and you guys seem to have such similar ones. ... (20 replies)

... This visual vertigo is a bloody awful thing, isn't it? ... (11 replies)
... hence the visual exercises. What you are describing re feeling bad in a busy visual environment is 'visual vertigo'. It's caused by your eyes taking over from a dodgy vestibular system. ... (11 replies)
... I was diagnosed with a vestibular disorder back in January. I've been dizzy for 11 months constantly. I was also told that I have quite bad visual vertigo. ... (11 replies)
... at the medication if you are showing no signs of getting better. I found Amitriptyline very helpful. It eliminated marshmallow floor and dizziness as well as visual vertigo and made it much more comfortable to look at screens and artificial light. I only had to take a very low dose for it to be effective. ... (1 replies)
... perilymph fistula. most will dismiss as they are rare but they do exist every issue you have I have or have had. I still have the eye issue - visual vertigo - lights, movement , etc can hear fine but high pitch noise sends me crazy, like a fire alarm. off balance feeling all day every day. taken me nearly 3 years to find the right person who will listen and finally I am... (4 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with MAV although I also seem to have visual vertigo, the sensation of movement when your not moving. Hot showers make me feel more off balance than normal and a bit disorientated. ... (2 replies)
... I have problems with moving the eye I think the cranial nerve has been damaged by this controlling the eye muscles and in return visual vertigo. anyone else get stuff like this? ... (2 replies)
... I get vertigo and lightheadedness. It all started in March of 2012. I was told in December 2013 that I have visual vestibular hypersensitivity, also known as migraine associated vertigo. ... (1 replies)
... My ENT Dr hasn't been much help since my vision got bad. He just said he thinks I have visual vertigo and some optokinetic nystagmus issue and sent me on my way. ... (10 replies)
... Also my neuro otologist told me I had visual vertigo... Even though I don't spin, certain visual stimuli makes me off balance like watching cars pass by in one direction or driving over lines on a cross walk. ... (16 replies)
Caloric Testing
Nov 24, 2013
... I suffer from tinnitus, hyperacusis and visual disturbances that are constant, a cross between oscillopsia and visual vertigo. I didn't get dizzy at all when they put the hot and cold water in my ears. I've been through a battery of testing. Please let me know if you can relate. ... (5 replies)
... Hi I wanted to share my story. I was CE with a high flighing career. I was at work and felt terrible one day, the world was wobbling, my face went numb, I couldnt see straight and I couldnt think straight. I went to the Docs - he said I had winter blues and to go away basically. I kept going that week and on the Friday morning I passed out the symtoms were so bad. I was... (1 replies)
... toms do not match VN close enough, and VN would not cause 2 distinct attacks like you describe. A VN patient should describe 1 acute episode of extreme spinning vertigo and nausea lasting a few days, then a period of recovery usually lasting a few weeks to months. ... (1 replies)
... It sounds like you experience at least some type of visual distortion, that like an aura. You also describe visual vertigo, which is very common in MAV. Hearing loss and tinnitus are quite common with MAV. Vestibular deficit is also found in some MAV patients. ... (9 replies)
... Hi everyone could anyone help me out on my latest problem. I have been having vrt for the past year and have now been left mainly with visual vertigo and some general dizziness. ... (2 replies)
... My vertigo did not start until I went on vacation about 14 years ago. I took a plane to Boston, and shortly after I got off the plane, I experienced massive dizzy spells. ... (4 replies)
Visual Dependence
Apr 10, 2009
... is damaged it sends the wrong signals saying that i'm still in motion. this is when dizziness and vertigo occur. ... (13 replies)

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