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... Thinbones, As you may recall, my BPV started in a yoga class (I had been taking it for about 1-1/2 years at that point). After I got back to a somewhat normal state, I did go back to doing some beginner yoga, but NO inversions! Well, actually I did do downward dog, which technically is an inversion of sorts, but no headstands, handstands, etc. That's fine with me! I... (3 replies)
May 4, 2004
... Hey there, Yoga can make you lose weight, especially if you dont have much of an exercise program to begin with. Its not so much of a weight loss thing, but it does involve somewhat continuous movements depending on what kind of yoga you do--some studios do whats called Bikram yoga, where they make the room really hot and you sweat like crazy for an hour, you lose lots of... (6 replies)
... Hi Emsy Yes Ive had pretty much 24/7 vertigo/offbalance, like Im moving when really not sensations for about 3 years now. While it has gotten better, as in I have not had an episode of actual spinning vertigo since the first few months, I still have the ***** headed/disconnected feeling sometimes and have problems sitting or standing very still, especially in dark or with... (3 replies)

May 2, 2004
... Anyways I wanted to post because Ive been doing Yoga lately and it has helped me tremendously. I think it helps my brain compensate, because of the balance and stillness it requires. ... (6 replies)
... old my head straight and normal, I always find a way to hold my head with my hand, or do the forward head posture. My PT told me that this could cause dizziness, vertigo etc. so I am trying hard to correct it so it will stop aggravating the inner ear problem but I cant, im just too anxious. ... (5 replies)
... Caused by flying with a cold. I experienced extreme pain on takeoff. Progressively worsening systems Started with; Lightheadness/mild dizziness Fullness in ears Generally felt unwell (fatigue); Wet; Quickly progressed (2 replies)
... The vertigo episodes are hard to describe.. ... (89 replies)
... When you say you have vertigo episodes, are these so bad you can't function at all? ... (89 replies)
... and have been doing yoga for 5 years now and I think that having that background has definetely helped with the postural issues. ... (89 replies)
... Hi Dizzym2010 Computers can be hard on you. I think the hardest part is scrolling up/down. This is hard for your brain to deal with. I used to temporarily close my eyes while scrolling or moving down. Try blinking your eyes shut when you have to scroll down, just long enough to avoid the actual moving of the screen...I hope I described this right, let me know if I didn't.... (89 replies)
... In the early days I actually thought that computer use was the culprit of my vertigo episodes. Probably because I was using the computer most of the time and the first episodes I had happened while I was at the computer. ... (12 replies)
... Uga, Thank you so much for your reply and for the great news. It is really nice to hear you are feeling better and able to cope with your daily challenges. I also have the feeling sometimes that having no function on either ears or at least a stable situation is better than having a ear sending not enough/wrong information to the brain. The vertigo episodes are... (89 replies)
... Have you started with the VTR exercices? And if so, do they help? I tried those ones before for a while, but unfortunately they did not help me. But I heard of people who did see some improvements, so I hope they work for you too. I am 37 years old and have been suffering from BVL for about 11 years. It started very "violently", with a strong dizziness/vertigo episode and... (12 replies)
... I agree that it will be very scary but don't move during the vertigo when in each position. My last bout I did left me in a total body sweat. I felt like I was being pushed down and backwards after I sat up. UGH... ... (6 replies)
... thits on other message boards and most of the time they mention feeling off balance, having difficulty walking etc. I only ever felt off balance during the first vertigo attack but never again. Just like you, I could probably take a dance class with no balance problems. ... (15 replies)
... That is so wonderful! This reminds of something a friend said that I discounted, that she had vertigo from TMJ and her Dr told her too much caffeine. She is no longer having a problem though so I need to ask her more questions. ... (9 replies)
... to all of you who have shared your experience with this condition. I am 53, and before March 29, was a healthy, active, fit and energetic woman. I am a runner, yoga practitioner, wife, and mother of 2 adult children. ... (140 replies)
... Anne, Wow, very impressed with your accomplishments with having this disability. I'm still in risk management (though on short term disability) and I'm beginning to think I'm becoming an overall risk if I can't get this under control or managed better soon. Did you not have to have the rotary chair test performed as well as all the other tests? This is the one test I... (140 replies)
... I had a virus my senior year of college and had terrible vertigo with that virus. ... (140 replies)
... It gives me great comfort to know that the Epley maneuver works like a charm and if I have future episodes of vertigo I'll know not to panic. ... (10 replies)

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