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I have Kidney stones and over the last 2 weeks have had 2 bad episodes of Renal Colic I took a urine sample to my doctors of which they found
Billirubin,Protein,blood and nitrates ...could anyone tell me what this means please ....I have an appointment to see my urologist on Thursday and my GP says I must tell them this .... I've had protein, blood and nitrates before but never billirubin in my urine in fact I'm not sure what it is ....would welcome advice please.
Hi cazzy,

Bilirubin is a physiological product of red blood cells. It is metabolized in the liver and excreted into the bile ducts. It's what give poo it's color. It's not usually found in the urine and can indicate a problem with either the liver or the red blood cells. It's not something to panic over. The liver and red blood cells can both be affected by many temporary disease processes, including infections.

Nitrates in the urine indicate infection. Blood and protein are often found with kidney stones. Kidney stones can cause infection.

Follow your doctor's advice and tell your urologist.

I hope you feel better soon.

Thanks so much for your reply ....I'm not too worried, more curious as I hadn't heard of bilirubin in urine before. I however shall be really glad when I go to see my urologist tomorrow because I have enough issues with my spine without the Kidney stones adding to it ...I am awaiting having a corpectomy so am hoping I can get the stones sorted quickly.
I am intriqued that you mentioned renal colic. How did you get this daignosed and how did you know that is what you had? Have you had it before? Have you found any relief, and if so, what helps? Sorry for all the question but it seems to be the possible problem of so many of us on this board yet it is rarely daignosed as such here in the US. Any insight you can give would be helpful.

Thanks and hope you are feeling better soon.
I have had Renal colic before yes ....was hospitalized several times till I managed to get pain relief under control .... I go to my GP at the first signs of a fever etc and he told me it was Renal Colic ....last time I was sent to hospital they too said this was Renal Colic caused by the Kidney stones. I have had stones on and off since 2001 ...I however never seem to pass them for some unknown reason ...I drink lots of water to try and flush them out but nothing happens.

In 2002 I had to have a re-implantation of the right ureter because of a stone that had been there for a long time and it cause a stricture in the right ureter, it seems to be my left Kidney that is getting most of the stones now though and they don't seem to want to come out:confused:

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