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I have a question about what my next steps should be. About the beginning of September I have a couple attacks at work on my left side. I thought my side was about to explode and was very nauseas. It only lasted about 15 minutes and then everything returned to normal (just a little sore). I thought it was the oatmeal I was eating. Around Oct 7(Sunday) I started having bladder spasms. I felt achy with a headache and some left flank pain. I went to the doctor on the following Thursday and I had a low grade (99.2) fever so she tested my urine. There was a slight trace of blood so she put me on antibiotics and said she would send it the lab. She guessed a UTI with a kidney infections. I felt no better all weekend… I just felt dizzy and was hard to concentrate. On Monday she called me and said the lab could not grow anything, so I didn’t have any infections. She then sent me for a ultrasound the following Wednesday for an ovary and uterus scan. I thought this was quite strange…. I have never had any problems with either. I told the tech what was going on and she said that I should have come in for a renal scan. I asked her to please look at my bladder and kidneys while she was looking around and sure enough I had a bladder stone. (6mm). I think this was the result of the previous pain that I had a month earlier. It was a kidney stone that was stuck in my bladder. She took pictures of my kidneys also. The doctor that read my scan said don’t leave, I have a page into your doc and I think you need a CT now. Well my doc called back and said… send her home and tell her to drink. Later that day, she called me and said I have a stone that is stuck in my kidney and to drink water. She said when it gets to my bladder… it will flush out. She seemed to have no concern about the one in my bladder. So I continued to drink and deal with the bladder spasm. I went and purchase a screen so I could catch it. I work in a hospital and a couple docs laughed at me when I said I was suppose to pass the bladder stone. I was determined and on Saturday night, I caught it. Needless to say I bled the next day and am still very sore. Meanwhile, I still have a low-grade fever (99.2 – 99.7) and still feel a lot of pressure on my left side. Occasionally I will feel a little pain and still feel dizzy sometimes. It feels like I am really full. I called my doctor today and said that I caught the one stone and want to know if she wanted me to take it to the lab to be analyzed and that I still felt no better. I have heard nothing back from her. Do I just keep drinking and hope it passed? She never told me how many or how big the stone was that was stuck. She just said that when it passed, the pain would go away. Am I in more pain that I realize? I have given birth twice before and my second child was without a drop a pain medication. I have a high tolerance for pain… so should I just keep on drinking and hoping? Is it safe to have a low-grade fever for such a long time? Over two weeks now.

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