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Hmm. My post disappeared. I'll try again. While your creatinine may be slightly elevated, it isn't significantly. As for the Gfr, it is actually an "e"Gfr. It is usually an estimate. So it could be much higher. Things you can do to keep yourself healthy (if you are worried) are to keep your blood pressure under control, cut back on excess salt, keep your body weight under control and to exercise.

Since you seem to be getting regular tests, the important thing is to keep track of your levels. Best of luck.
one big thing that i simply started doing when i even found out at age 40 that i even had any type of a kidney disease was start drinking a TON more water during the day. and my labs are still within(at least as of the last in 09. just did new ones two days ago and have not yet gotten the latest results)all midrange normal despite what looks like massive cystic destruction/enlargement within both kidneys right now. and unfortunetly my liver too. it was the only thing my neph actually told me i 'could" even do with my type of (PKD) kidney disease that is just highly progressive and non curable, to even try and keep ME well hydrated and keep my kidneys just very well flushed, esp since i too am on alot of meds as well?

water has just become my very best freind since 99 when i found out i was actually born with this crap, but since the labs wont change til the real horrid levels of damage i have impact functions, my labs have always been well within the norms, so far anyways. still hopin there at that level but who knows.

but i seriously would very actively start to increase your water intake and avoid pop. the phosphates in alot of pop are just not good for the kidneys either(simply replece ANY actual pop you may now be drinking with even a flavored water if you have to). you just need to keep any meds you take that are being flitered out thru your kidneys(they ALL just DO end up there at some point) well diluted with a much more constant water intake too. i KNOW this has helped me. ya gotta pee alot more, but hey, its kind of the lesser of the two evils when trying to maintain good kidney functions, ya know? the water just DOES help, in many different ways actually.

this is just ONE thing that you yourself can do to try to maintain a good level of function and filtering too(more important when you are actually taking meds, and esp with tylenol too). people that are just not taking in even a lower amount of extra water each day DO tend to suffer many more different types of medical issues than the people who are actually actively taking in more water? its only because the very very bascis of what "runs' our bodies just are water and alot of good electrical synapses that all really do require water to even 'fire off' in the proper way too? so water IS rather vital in and of itself, but to anyone with a possible kidney issue that is at the stage where you are, and i am, water is a good thing. it can become a problem when kidney functions gets into the need for dialysis phase way down the road, but now, its your 'friend'. i do hope things improve for you here. please let us know how you are doing, K? good luck hon, marcia

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