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... The pain is usually on both sides at the same time and only happens once and a while. The pain is usually short lived. ... (0 replies)
... in my right side of abdomen, after few days it was still persistent I went to the E.R. where they didn't do anything except ruled out appendicitis and any gyno issue. ... (2 replies)
... For the last 5 weeks, I've had a pain in my lower right abdomen that's dull, pain all over my right side that radiates to the back and flank as well. There are no triggers. Hurts when I cough or laugh. Oftentimes under my lower right rib cage. ... (0 replies)

... K. I take four horse sized pills which equal 60 meq. I have low Potassium. I was taking Spirolactone for blood pressure but side effect was raised my Potassium. After the first stone the Dr. ... (3 replies)
... I sometimes still have pain in my left side, but not nearly as bad as when I was suffering with the stones. I also have a 4. ... (3 replies)
... at least no cyst on right side. ... (4 replies)
... Hey, I've had a weird dull right side ache for 4 months now. I also mostly feel it when I'm sitting at my desk and it also makes it uncomfortable to sleep on my right side. It's mostly just a mild discomfort under my lower ribs on the right side. ... (2 replies)
... Ray of my spine and they found that I have some thinning discs so this may be the reason why I get lower back pain. The pain isn't unbearable but it can get annoying. ... (2 replies)
Flank Pain
May 18, 2012
... did u ever find out what was wrong i have similar story. (3 replies)
... mostly on the left back side below the ribs that sometimes radiates around to the front down toward my groin area. ... (0 replies)
Flank Pain
Mar 19, 2012
... I had a right nephrectomy in 2000 and immediately upon recovery noticed a significant flank bulge. My doctor said this was an unfortunate side effect of my nephrectomy. ... (3 replies)
... I had a 7mm kidney stone lodged in my right ureter for almost two months, then I finally had a ureteroscopy done to remove it, I had a stent placed for a week then had it removed. ... (2 replies)
... Not sure if this is even the right board as I don't know for sure if kidney. Two months ago I started having flank pain on my right side. Burning inside me, dull ache and has never had exruciating pain. ... (0 replies)
... Just saw your post. I know it was awhile back but curious to see if you found the problem. I have had left flank problems and have gone through every test you can imagine from nerve blocks to mri's. They knocked me out to check kidneys and all well there. ... (5 replies)
... They gave me IV antibiotics and a prescription for oral antibiotics and the doctor told me that was what was causing my PVC's. I told him I hadn't had any kidney pain and he reached around me and jabbed the side of his hand into my right flank and that caused a very sharp pain, that persisted. ... (5 replies)
... I was just dx with a floating kidney or mobile kidney. I have been having flank pain and side pain for several month. I discovered a lump under my right ribs. After having a CT and Mri, nothing showed up. Finally have an ultrasound laying down and standing which finally showed that it was a floating kidney. ... (0 replies)
... which at times also hurts around the front of the left side. I initially thought I hurt myself while at the gym. I ignored the pain for a long time thinking it was a muscle. I finally went to the urgent care. They did an x ray which came back normal and a urine test to rule out a uti. ... (9 replies)
... had a CT scan about a year ago, just before my oopherectomy, my doctor found it then. She said at the time that I shouldn't worry about it unless I start to have pain on my right side. I am 48 years old. Maybe it's possible that it could be PKD, but for now i have to wait until we get some insurance. ... (2 replies)
... but I really don't think they were listening when I said I had had flank pain before the urinary tract inf. and during a time when I tested negative for any infection. blah. ... (19 replies)
... Hi, I have had two kidney stone procedures in the past two years. The pain was excruciating on my right side. I used to get horrible flu like symptoms, i.e. , chills, shakes, vomiting, had to stay in bed for several weeks, as I had no strength. ... (13 replies)

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