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ok here is the update

my sister has a BAD case of ADHD according to the doctor. so far the public school system has been VERY slow to respond to the test and act accordingly. they have even claimed to have never received the paper work although the doc office keeps a log of all the faxes that come into and out the office and it was clear that the paper work was sent and received.

as it turns out the PRIVATE school was the best thing for her as of this time cause they are offering her tutoring and giving us direction on who to contact for summer school and stuff. if she was in a public school we'd still be fighting at square one. it seems that the local district has a nasty problem if IGNORING learning disabilities until they get so bad that the kid is like 3 grades behind. i have a cousin who has a serious learning and speech disability-and its CLEAR AS DAY when you look at the kid that he has a problem and the school even gives his parents a hard time about receiving the necessary programs and help so that he can get educated. his mom stated that every year she is fighting with the school because they are always trying to cut corners and/or refuse services even when it is clear that the kid needs help.

alot of the programs you guys have suggested are hard to find cause they are under alternative names or do not exist-but thanks for the suggestion we will keep trying.

the doc suggested that my sister take meds and my mom is highly hesitant because of all the side effects. there is 1 child in my sisters class who has a horrible time holding his bladder (he wets his pants everyday) he has blown up like a balloon in terms of weight (he just looks swollen) and it just seems like he is having a hard time adjusting to the meds.

but on a side note does anyone know what it means when a child won't sleep fully through the night? my sister has NEVER slept through the night ever. she always wakes up crying but when you ask her whats wrong you get NO ANSWER. she has a horrible time getting to sleep even when people lay down with her and has an even worst time getting ready for school in the morning. as of now she has NEVER dressed herself in the morning-my mom always does it. if you leave her to get dressed she won't or can't do it. so this means she is LATE FOR SCHOOL EVERY SINGLE DAY!. which is highly embarassing. is this a symptom of ADHD or something else.

she also has a hard time figuring out the difference between feeling hot and cold. for example if it is hot in the house she puts on a jacket or sweater claiming she is cold and crying that the house is cold. we don't have air conditioning and she isn't running a fever so she can't be hot, especially when its like 80 degrees in the house. in the winter if she is cold at nite she takes off all her pajamas and crys that its hot although its clear that she is cold. whats that all about? but when she runs water on her hands she knows the difference between hot and cold water.
thanks for your help guys

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