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... i think reading it out loud helps the reading seem more like complete ideas instead of disjointed words. One thing that helped me with spelling was using fun kenesthetic methods to practice. My mom would put sugar in a baking pan and I would use my finger to write the word in the sugar. ... (17 replies)
... She has problems "getting" her spelling words and remembering what she's read. ... (17 replies)
... o pronounce words that aren't real. Be sure to see someone who really knows reading disorders as lots of psychologists don't actually know anything about it. A spelling problem is a significant predictor of a sight or phonetic reading problem. ... (2 replies)

... I have found that flash cards work so well............I make them out of index cards....use them for spelling, vocab....and with anything that needs remembering through repitition....I home schooled 6th grader...3 years ago...we still use the really does help....and also..if she has test on Friday for spelling...start on Monday...just a few words each night...don't... (17 replies)
... My daughter is all grown up and a senior in college now. She is LD, diagnosed with a speech processing delay in kindergarten. When she was in fifth grade I had a tremendous problem with her and spelling. I would work with her for at least an hour every night studying with her spelling. It took me a little time to figure out what was wrong. She didn't know how to sound out... (17 replies)
... My niece used to do the same thing your daughter does. We'd be sitting there doing reading or spelling and then she would have to tell me everything that happened at school or something else she thought was important. To me it wasn't but it was to her. ... (17 replies)
... I'm not real sure where to start, I'm at a complete loss. My son just turned 10 and was in third grade when he should of been in the fourth he tested at the beginning if the year 1st grade 6 months in, but the didn't put him in second because he would be 2 years older than everyone. Well he just failed the third grade. The teachers noticed what I've been telling them he want... (2 replies)
... imary school on the Gold Coast and I put him in a "normal" school because I thought he was over it. He is in year 3 and having problems with focus, handwriting, spelling and his social interaction isn't at the level it should be. ... (6 replies)
... I have many of the same things too in my 30's now. 1st thing is make an apt. to have UR Hearing Checked out.And U may have "forgive my Spelling,"Dislexia."? What I wonder is,how long has this been going on?Could it be an after affect of Child Birth?U could be Low in some kind of Vit.after 3 kids being tired,may not be eating as good as U can,Humm. I say try and... (5 replies)
... Hi everyone,I'm not sure were to post this. So I'll start here. I have a learning disablity. I can read and spell up to an 8th grade level. I hear numbers like 123 and read them or write them down as 132. I don't hear some sounds. Words that sound alike, was and cause. Or if it is to loud in the room, I can't hear what someone is saying. Or if they talk to softly. I say what?,... (5 replies)
... ould suggest a central auditory processing assessment as my son was the same and still is and he is now in grade six and is 1yr 8mths behind his peers in reading spelling and maths but most of the other subjuects he is average just. i used to think he was just a slow learner and was never going to be brainy. ... (17 replies)
... ut multistep directions, poor listening skills, need more time to process information and have low academic performance. As well, people with Audtiory Processing Disorder have difficulty with reading, comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary. ... (3 replies)
... I am pretty sure that my son has some kind of a learning disorder but I'm not sure what to request to have him tested for. ... (5 replies)
... sm ili ng. Then he had another disorder similar to dyslexia but not quite the same. The shapes of letters and numbers didn't go into his brain the same way they looked on the paper. ... (0 replies)
... I think it's more common than you may think. I work with one such student. To put it into layman's terms, he "gets" a lot of things, but when it comes time to put those same things to paper or practical application - he just can't. So, we've been teaching him strictly through auditory means, but I fear that won't help him much in the long run. :( He really is a very... (2 replies)
Auditory issue?
Jul 16, 2006
... Hey! Well, I am a Special Education teacher and can only offer my opinion from the little info from your post - I would definitely ask the district to give her standardized achievement tests, such as the WISC-III or of the such. Also knowing her IQ score will help - you say she gets A's and B's - good for her! Just keep praising her for all of her hard work. If you think... (7 replies)
Feb 22, 2006
... slowly but there really is no difference. My son is actually very smart, he's reading chapter books at a 4th grade reading level, he made it to the finals in the spelling bee and has mastered all the different types of math they have taught him if only the handwriting could improve. ... (9 replies)
... I saw this note and wanted to respond as my 4th grade son has the same problem with adding letters where they don't belong in spelling. My son has a reading disorder and it is a visual thing he can see great but when he reads his brain interprets it as something completely different. ... (5 replies)
... It's part of dyslexia my son now 12 has a terriable time with math/reading/spelling can only learn about 10 words a month. He has severe dyslexia,receptive/expressive language, short term memory,hand writing,sometimes repeats words,eye-tracking problems,central auditory processing disorder,turns letters and numbers backwards. I had him tested at a major university that... (5 replies)

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