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High bilirubin
Jul 16, 2004
... e been posting messages regarding my 15 yr. old son on the Addison's and thyroid part of the board. Today's doctor apt. revealed to us that his sligtly elevated bilirubin was further elevated during his most recent blood test, taken two weeks ago. In May 2002, it was 1.6. In January 2004, it was 1.9. ... (1 replies)
... I had bad stomach flu in April, so I had another blood test to see my liver function. Everything including AST and ALT were okay within the normal range, but my bilirubin level was over the normal range. it was about 1.3 and the normal range was 0.3 to 1.0 I remember. All the doctors including general surgeon and my g. ... (1 replies)
Elevated ALT/AST
Dec 14, 2015
... Had my followup. Abdominal Ultrasound: Findings: The pancreas is not seen due to bowel gas. Aorta is normal. Gallbladder is normal. No stones or wall thickening. Hepatic duct is normal at 3.4mm. Liver is dense appearing with possible fatty infiltration enlarged at 18.12cm. No mass or dilated duct. Right Kidney is normal at 10.82 cm and left kidney is normal at 11.64... (1 replies)

Elevated ALT/AST
Dec 2, 2015
... I was having some stomach issues, and also eating bread was not setting well with me so my dr ran the following labs and he ordered an abdominal ultrasound after my labs came back New labs 11/23/15 Total Protein: 8(6.3-8.5) Albumin: 4.6(3.3-4.7) Globulin: 3.4(2.4-3.5) A/G Ratio: 1.4 ALT: 180(7-56) AST: 89(5-40) (1 replies)
... never dark. Bilirubin was slightly elevated about a year ago 1. ... (4 replies)
... Total Bilirubin 0. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Jrobb Stay away from all "fatty foods", take the right supplements and cut out (or cut way down) the alcohol. No fried foods, no candy, no junk food, no cheese products, drink lots of water and/or 100% Juices..... I know its easier said than done.... Actually its easier than you think...... :) :) :) (2 replies)
... During a routine physical and blood test the doctor noted... Bilirubin total = 1.6 normal range is 0.2 - 1.3 Alanine (GPT) = 92 normal range is 12 -59 So he took more blood. I had Hepititus B very bad in 1968 but recovered. I was told I would carry it in my blood for my life and not ever donate blood. Now, the second set of blood tests identifies possibly... (2 replies)
... The normal bilirubin levels at my hospital's lab is 0. ... (1 replies)
... all in normal range minus an elevated total bilirubin at 1.6. My BP is normal as well. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, YaYagirl You really don't know how appreciative I am that you took the time to respond and are concerned. It means a lot to me, thank you so much <3 Well, I'm certainly better than the night I ended up at the hospital, so that's a plus. But I feel like not that strong of a wind could just push me right over. I'm trying, but with my anxiety being high and not under... (6 replies)
... s a doctor, and I'm not looking for magical words. Just something perhaps comforting bc I have literally lost my mind over this. I didn't sleep more than 2hrs in 3 days and I think had like 500 calories and maybe a glass of water in the same time. ... (6 replies)
... Hello Board: I am 43 year old male 5”9 155lbs. BMI 22.6. Blood pressure 125/89. Resting pulse 50. Drinking history: I drank daily since 1998 with a couple of breaks here and there. Since 2004, however, I drank an average of 10 light beers a night and all weekend long. I have always been active and eat as healthy as possible. I have always known I drank in excess and... (13 replies)
... I feel the his University DR is giving false hope. Where his FP said 6 months to 1 yr. He continues to drink daily. ... (2 replies)
... when I had a routine blood test, my total bilirubin was 1.9. ... (0 replies)
... However, the Dr's sent me to a specialist because they don't know how to explain my high bilirubin levels. ... (0 replies)
... Bump because no anwser (3 replies)
... Hey i am a male 125 pounds and 21 years old. been generally healthy all my life untill last year where i fell sick to streph and every since been having sinus issues (always congested nose) and frequent urianation and constant need for water. I used to smoke for 5 years till that point. so i have been smoke free for a year and a bit. I rarely ever drink alcohol and only drink... (3 replies)
At a Crossroads
Aug 27, 2015
... ow the right intrahepatic ducts or much of the cystic duct even though the gallbladder, CBD, and small bowel filled within 10 minutes. The biggest positive is my bilirubin is 0.3 total and 0.1 direct, am I working myself up here or is this something that can remain or get worse? ... (10 replies)
... Hi, I just want to ask a question why is that my ggt is elevated while the other test are normal? I am confused. Do I have a liver disease? I only knew this when I apply for a Life insurance. Please see the details below. Normal range Alkaline Phosphatase - 61 30 - 125 ... (2 replies)

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