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Hi All!

Any insight is so appreciated. I have been having right upper quadrant pain
That goes to the side and back. I was really worried as I've
Had this off and on since my gallbladder has been out.
I'm only 27, but I was worried about it being my liver
I went to get tests done and doc says they are ok,
But everything I read says AST/ALT ratio should
Not be more than <1 or it's a sign of alcoholic liver.
My tests are the following:

Total protein: 8.1
Albumin: 4.8
Total Billirubin: .5
GGT: 7.0
Alk Phos: 83
AST: 36
Amylase serum 72.00

I think this makes my AST/ALT ratio 1.5.

the AST I think is at the highest end of "normal" although
A lot of other sites say the highest should be 31 for
Women. I am really scared as I've been having
Numbness and tingling in my left side, some chest pain,
And not sure what this all could be :(

If anyone has any input please please let me know!!


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