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My AST and ALT enzymes have been elevated for about a year now and range in between 100 and 200. My doctor suspects that my heavy alcohol usage is the culprit of a slightly fatty liver and high enzymes. I was drinking large amounts of good scotch on an every day basis. I have completely quit drinking. I weaned myself off the stuff and am enjoying my third night in a row with no alcohol. I am surprised how easy it was to do.

My question to you all is this. How long should it take for the liver to start to give normal enzyme counts once it has been free from alcohol? I have read on some web sites that it could take as little as two weeks for the liver to rejuvenate from alcohol induced fatty liver, also known as "simple Steatosis".
The first time this happen to me it took around 1.5 months before i felt better...This time I quit drinking and going its on 3 months i still feel bad but better. what kind of symptoms were you having to have to go to the Doctor? About a year and a half ago i went to the Doctor and he told me the same thing, to much alcohol. Only my alt was high my ast was norm. I was drinking about a 12 pack a night. I did not quit drinking but slow down. now I'm back to see the doc and this time my alt was worse. (76 with the norm of 40). my ast is norm. now my doc wants me to retake the blood test (alt) and check to see if i have hepatitis c... Just wanted to know what kind of symptoms you are having compaired to mine...

good luck to ya
I have no symptoms at all except for the abnormally high AST and ALT numbers. They were discovered the first time when screening for cholesterol and then after 9 months of going on a low carb way of eating and switching from beer to scotch, the numbers kept rising to the current level. That is why my doctor ordered the ultrasound and discovered the fatty change of my liver. It will be interesting to see if the enzyme levels come down with the abstinence of alcohol.
Well I have abstained from alcohol for one week now and had blood work done yesterday. My ALT and AST have fallen from the 100-200 range to the almost normal range.

ALT = 49
AST = 27
Well I have abstained from alcohol for three weeks now and had blood work done yesterday. My ALT and AST have fallen from the 100-200 range to the normal range.

ALT = 30
AST = 23

Also, all other liver functions right in the middle of the normal range.
So what do your results actually say? If you drink heavy the enzymes are going to go up and if the drinking continues you will sooner or later suffer from irreversible damage? It's great to see your enzymes return to normal don't get me wrong. I'm just curious if your results are saying that you should limit/quit drinking all together. I drink too and heavy and my enzymes (only AST) was slightly elevated and I am getting tested again and I assume that if my levels are normal that the alcohol is to blame.

You are correct in that in my case heavy alcohol use caused my liver enzymes to skyrocket. I was very worried since I was also diagnosed with fatty infiltration of the Liver via an ultrasound, however the ultrasound doctor said it was not that abnormal for a 47 year old. Bottom line is that the high enzyme level brought reality to me that I can't drink alcohol like I did forever. It is time to become a occasional alcohol user since I do not consider myself an alcoholic. It was very easy to just stop drinking for the past 23 days and I thank God that the enzymes returned to normal.

Good luck to you.

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