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[QUOTE=SomeDay30]Hi I went to the the doctors a year ago for a physical and my liver was slightly swollen. But i also was drinking heavly. She took blood and ran some tests and said everything was normal

I went back for a physical 3 weeks ago and she took blood for liver funtion kidney function normal stuff they do for a physical
sHE SAid everything was normal.

Now what is a liver function test. I have a slight pain that goes on and off near my right rib cage. It isnt swollen or anything. I do suffer from bad anxiety and dont know if its me getting worked up.

If there was something wrong with my liver would they have found it in the liver function test?
Thank you[/QUOTE]
Just a quick clarification. Liver FUNCTION tests are tests that actually measure how the liver is working. These are:

blood albumin level (the liver makes this protein, and a low level CAN in certain situations denote problems with liver function)

INR (a blood test which shows how well the blood clots..the liver makes clotting factors, and if the INR is high, it means the blood is not clotting well and it CAN be an indication that the liver isn't working well)

bilirubin (another molecule made by the liver)

blood glucose (in late stage liver failure, a person gets a really low blood glucose because the liver is not able to store and/or make sugar stores anymore).

Okay, now that that's cleared up, what YOU had in your testing were special liver enzymes. These enzymes are contained within liver cells. If your liver is damaged or injured, these enzymes are often elevated. In your case, your doctor probably saw that some of your liver enzymes (there are four of them) were elevated. It could very well have been from your drinking, but the fact that they have gone down is a good indication that your liver is probably back to normal. However, you probably don't want to continue drinking heavily as we both know it's not good for you.

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