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Jul 25, 2005
I am setting another post, because I dont think that I was clear enough in the last one. I need some help. I am scared to death, and when I call my doctor, it seems like the people who I talk to dont want to talk to me about this issue. The only person I can talk to is my doctor, and shes always busy. I go to see her on Friday. Then I know I can ask tons of questions. Well, last week, I started feeling pretty bad. Not like sick or anything, but sluggish, as well as pains in my right side, below rib cage, as well as the left side, but this didnt happen until after I had an ultrasound done on that side. The other pains have been going on for quite sometime. But here recently it seems like its a constant thing. I have GI problems, GERD, Acid reflux, I have depression as well as panic disorder, I have irritable bowel syndrome, which has resulted in dirrhera <--misspelled I know sorry). But anyway, I have had hair loss, not signifigant amounts, but abnormal amounts when I wash my hair. Leg pains, and ankle pains, acne, which now its clearing up. Hot flashes, and one day last week, I had a mild temp of 99.5. That was when I went to the doctor, it scared me. So I had the tests done, and they said that from the ultrasound test that my spleen was mildly enlarged, and that I had some fatty tissue around my liver, but they seemed not too concerned about it. They were concerned with the fact of the spleen being slightly enlarged. Well, I asked her after I heard those results what the blood count was like and she said it was normal. Anyway, she sent me to have a CT done. I had to wait all weekend for the results, and today I got them. The nurse told me that everything on the CT was fine there was no abnormalties. Then I asked her about the blood work again and she said that my liver count came out to be 40. And the normal count was supposed to be from 8 to 36. That was the only thing that she gave me and she told me that everything else was fine. However, I am still waiting on a cholesterol test and such. Well, I still have these dull pains. And I have a huge hemmorrid that is slight uncomfortable. My stools are greenish in color, and are quite choppy. I have a pain near my belly button on the right side... not sure what that is, and tests only said I had tons of gas, which I forgot to mention I have gastritis. I am 27 years old, I am obese as they say.... I carry my weight well, but over the year I have developed what they call the liver roll. Fat around my stomach area, just under my breasts. I have this pain in my right side, that tends to be bothersome at times, And it goes through to my back. Its not intense and on the pain scale it would be like a 4 or a 5 in pain. I feel bloated a good bit, and the pin near my belly button hasnt seemed to stop. Not sure what I can do to make it stop. I have been eating more veggies these past few days, and it seems that its appeasing the pain to some degree, but still the pain is there. I went and bought dr cabots book yesterday called The Liver Cleansing Diet. And are willing to start it. I have also been nausious, like in the evenings. I try not to take too many prescription meds. I do take benzos whenever my anxiety acts up, and I do take nausea meds whenever I get that way, I was on birth control for a while, then I was off and on it for a while, then I stopped it a few months ago. I take nexium on occasion. Other than that, I really dont take too many things. Can anyone help me, I am a major hypochrondiac, and I am terrified that this could be something more serious. The pain on the left really worries me as well. I NEED HELP. None of this is making sense to me.

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