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Hi. First off, I would like to say thank you to anyone who can respond with ANY help offerings, simular experience or advice. I am in great need of it, thats for sure, as I see we all are here. Here goes:

About 3 years ago, I started gaining weight. I have always been able to control my weight, but, It became almost impossible to do so, as I was always hungry. Then, I started having left sided pain in my left side, back, and lower abdomen groin area. I was told it could be hip bursitis or a possible disc problem. Soon after I developed a lump outside of my anus, that feels almost hard, but, when I look at it, looks like a skin tag. The reason I am in the liver forum, is because on and off, i have had situations that include things like, orange floating substance in my stool. And, over the past 8 months have noticed my stool does not smell like stool anymore. It smells like a dead animal, or something. It just isn't right. Last night, (Christmas night) I ate a big meal, and I had an episode of the orange floating stool. Then, today I had another one, with the rank smell. I am highly concerned, as I am only 36. I am at a disposition as i cant really afford co payments for a doctor. Does anyone have any advice on what this might be? Any help at all is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Orange stool :eek: ?? I'd suggest laying off the cotton candy :jester: . But really, that doesn't sound like its within the norm and I would get it checked out as soon as possible :) .
No, its not normal. I've pulled up that it could be a malabsorption issue, or even Hepititus. I hope someone with some real help can respond. Thanks.
Do your own searches for these things---liver flukes, gallbladder not producing enough bile, or parasites.

I'm no expert, but have been visiting a forum (not allowed to mention here), that promotes liver/gallbladder flushing and there's some people on there that have a lot of different colors coming out of them after a flush. They mention that when there isn't enough bile being produced that it can change the color of the stool.

Also, if you could just visit your Dr once and get a "generic" blood screening done, that would tell a lot that's going on with you. Your bilirubin might be up or something that might red flag a problem to make it easier.

Hope you find out something soon :)
Thanks. I will certainly look into it. Of course I've already done some searching, and found out some things it could be, but, I just thought someone with similar experience might be able to provide some info. Thanks for the info. I will definitely visit my doctor soon. I just had another episode tonight. I had salad with those salad toppers things, and I had some of those chips with olean in them. But, In the past, I have had other things and had this happen that the above foods weren't mentioned.

hi again. Just wanted to mention I have found some worm looking characters in my stool. I guess I never got down with a flashlight before and looked, but I should of.
Anyway, My doctor did some test last week. Hepititis, liver function, and white blood cell. they did a thyroid also. That was on Wednesday. But, friday morning, I had some white worm looking things in my stool so I went back and they sent home some vials in which I had to add my poop to and take back for them to send in. They went ahead and called me in worm medicine though, because I called them panicking this morning (Monday) because they were there again in the poop. I will let you know when I find out what kind or if this is worms, as I am sure it is. I am just wondering now, what kind of damage they did thta they were there for so long and went undetected. I'm still scared.
You may want to check the digestive disorders boards. It sounds like it may be that or gallbladder vs. the liver. (don't know abt the worms thing) Hopefully someone there has had a similar experience and can share with you. I can only speak for myself, but in my experience, when my liver failed I had no symptoms like you described. For abt 6 mos I had many symtpoms that I took to my GP. Individually they were explained away, but if he'd have checked visit to visit and looked at them together--they all pointed to a failing liver. Hang in there-hopefully you'll get to feeling better soon.
You can also do parasite cleansing to clean yourself from the worms in a natural kind of way instead of prescription medicine. Do a search---you'll even find pictures of these nasty creatures (and we ALL have them!)

Hope you're feeling better by now :)
I had a colonoscopy and I had worms. They are doing a biopsy to see if anymore are embedded or any other probs from them.
Hey Tritt? I was just on the obesity board and there's a thread there by Copsgirl and the thread is titled "Question about Xenical". You might want to read that. It talks about orange stool. Go read, maybe that might help.
Ewe, I took Xenical years ago. The stuff that seeped outta me uncontrollably looked like SLOPPY JOE GREASE. It was disgusting! I couldn't stay on it for that reason. I wasn't even eating any fat and that orange grease would just ooze out of me--gross! :eek:

I believe I've read that parasites can cause different colored stools. I know for a fact that if there is not enough bile present, that the stool will be a light clay colored. Hopefully you're feeling better now because of the medicine.

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