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It's me--the liver flusher pusher :)

I had what you have, about 12 years ago. I burped all day long and sometimes I felt like I needed to burp and nothing would come up, I would have to force air to get it to release. I also noticed my heartbeat skipping beats too until I released that air. Food came up (sometimes through my nose when I'd bend over)...yeah, ewe.

That's when all my anxiety and panic started---and it was definitely related to my stomach somehow. Do you know what I was told I had--after MANY Drs and a digestive disease center?? I had ulcers in my esophagus and a hiatal hernia. I was given ....ahhh my mind has slipped --- it's the stuff that is now called Nexium...but the drug it used to be called. AH! It just hit me---Prevacid. I took that for about a year---and I've felt better ever since.

Now....I also was diagnosed with my fatty liver at the time so that had my hormones all out of whack...therefore that might have had something to do with my anxiety and rapid pulse, etc. So I just watched my diet very carefully---less bad carbs, no fake sugars, etc. Got my cholesterol down and triglycerides and all of those other symptoms just seemed to disappear.

Ok--so you knew I was gonna mention this----but you could liver flush if they happen to tell you it's your gallbladder and it needs to come out. The only way I'd ever have mine out is if it's infected and is going to burst at anytime. Otherwise a flush is just going to take out all of those stones (which is what the Drs are doing by cutting that organ out of you).

Just a thought....good luck. Let us know what happens with your results :)

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