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To start, i am a 21 year old MAle. 170 and 5'10 so im not overweight, overall rather healthy. I'm waiting for a Ultra Sound to come back, but I am going crazy trying to figure out what is wrong. About 3 months ago I started getting piercing (like someone pinching or pull hair) spots in my outer chest for about 2 weeks. after there, I started to notice stomach pain in the middle of my stomach, pretty much right below the bone that connects the lungs together. (make sense?) anyways, the pain shifts from not really a pain, but more of a discomfort, almost like sore muslces or tighten muslces, from the middle of my uppder abdomenal, to the edge of my ribcage, changing from left, to right, always random. Doesnt seem to be affected when I eat, and I've tried chagning my diet and saw no results. I went to the doctor twice, the first time he told me it was stress, and the second time he told me it was stress but to take a blood test. So i took the blood test and was told i had a large stomach enzyme count (never got to ask which enzyme). So I was sent to an ultrasound, where i noticed the paper said to check the liver and gallbladder. it also said LFT - (something scribble that started with a C I'm pretty sure ). so now I have started to get random headaches, that sometimes last all day, and sometimes last 10 minutes. the headaches range from temple, to the very front of my forehead, kinda like a burning sensation. on top of that, i've noticed i CANNOT STOP BURPING. non stop all day. I've even noticed that sometimes when i burp, i burp up food. in fact most of the time thats the case. i've noticed an increase in pulse sometimes, and a tightness in the chest. nothing extremely painful tho, just discomorftable. also noticed that i always feel like my throat is blocked. i function fine, and it doesnt hurt me enough to not do things. I find when i keep my mind busy it obviosuly doesnt occur as much, but i can still feel the discomfort. I've also began to empty my stool very often now. not diareha, but 3 times a days, sometimes 4. its solid but organgey in color. (thats always fun to describe)

here are some of my habits:

smoker (3 years - 1 pack/3-4days)
8-12 hour sitting periods for work
drinking ( 3/7 days of the week, never exceeding more than 9 drinks. im a cheap drunk, so i dont drink a lot)
i do smoke marijana 3/week, not much
i eat fairly well, lots of chicken, a decent amount of vegies , beef. order out maybe 3-5 meals of the week.

if i missed anything please let me know. i should have my results by thursday, and i will let u all know. i also would like to say that i can't physically feel any lumps or bumps. it does however feel good sometimes to rub near the middle of the stomach. after some rubbing, u can hear the stomach making adigestive nosies, and definitley reliefs the belching.

i found this in another form and it explains the pain very well
"Hello ,
I can see that sometimes it is difficult to express the condition / sensation clearly . I saw the following from another thread :"the pain feels like a strange sort of pressure from the inside - like something is trying to push its way out of my abdomen because there is not enough space for everything to fit " , OR "not in any particular pain, it's more of a troubling -pressure on the inside- sensation" from another member 's reply , AND another "basically internal 'crowding ' pressure sensation 3-4 ribs up from the lowest rib. Maybe an inch below the heart, and on both sides. Almost want to believe that it's due to bad posture but I dunno ....."[/QUOTE]

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