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Thanks Anne, I found out quite by mistake as i was getting joint pain and had x-rays and mri`s but nothing shown up? so i asked my gp if i could have a blood test, the results came back that my liver function was 2 1/2 times over normal. My susiqeunt tests have improved slightley acording to my gastro doc but im still very worried as the ultrasound guy said it could turn to liver desease! I have had a colonoscopy and biopseys have been taken also a barium meal x-ray exam has been booked to see if the small intestine is punping fat to the liver? im still in the diagnosis stages but im desperate to talk to people like yourself as my GP isnt helping much! I have lower right abdominal pain constantly with pressure and upper due to enlarged liver when i breath.
How is your husband getting on i would like to know!
Please keep intouch and i will do the same


[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Times New Roman] Andy,
We discovered my husbands liver disease just by chance, actually, we revealed alot through plain old luck. My husbamd went to the ER for chest pains, we thought he was having a heart attack, and he is only 49. After a bunch of tests, they discovered that it was not his heart, but he had pancreatitis. They then sent him for a sonogram which demonstrated a tumor in his right kidney which turned out to be renal cell carcinoma, and the kidney was removed. The whole kidney thing led us to more tests and that's where the liver disease was discovered. This started in January.
We recently went to Johns Hopkins for an evaluation and that is where we heard "Cirrhosis". We have an appointment for the end of May to discuss the future plan.
My husband is a great one for denial, but it seems as though as time passes, he is taking this a bit more seriously, as he should. We are being told that this will cut his life span significantly.
Andy, have they done a Ferritin level (blood test) yet? Any hepatitis labs? As my husband and I are learning, these specialist are not very forth coming with information. Have they discussed having a biopsy with you? You must advocate for yourself and point blank ask the doctor about having these tests done. It is important to find the cause of the fatty liver, diabetes, obesity etc and try to get to get the causing condition under control. Although sometimes it remains unknown as in my husband, he falls into non of the categories. How old are you? Are you near a reputable facility like Hopkins, Mayo, Mass General?
Hang in there bud, I know that the waiting is the worst, and that doctors often don't appreciate that. We have had to track down our doctor several times for test results. Great doctors are busy doctors thats for sure.
Take Care, try to keep busy,
Anne [/FONT] [/COLOR]

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