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Sorry to freak you out there kat.the red dots i was talking about are usually on the face somewhere?my son had always had this tiny little red dot on one of his cheeks right under his eye,but his doc way back when just mentioned it was really nothing,well move ahead a few years and we found out it was an angioma,or also called a nevis?for him,this was actually a sign of liver disease.this is NOT always the case.but he had portal hypertension caused by his portal vein starting to close over from these nasty fibers of tissue that were slowly taking over his liver since even before he was born,we just didn't have a flippin clue he was even sick til he vomited up blood in 7th grade one day.but the dot had actually become more and more red and more pronounced looking,it also had these really tiny little vessels that spidered off from it.this was just caused by the back up of blood that was occuring in the liver which puched it back into the spleen then eventually the stomach and throat vessels.they were veins and not used to the higher pressure so they started to break and bleed into his stomach.thats where the blood kept coming from.

i don't know exactly what in the heck causes these to form in other places.i too have them on my chest ansd actually one on my ankle?sometimes if you just have a tiny little weak spot in that particular cappilary,i think it just kind of bulges a bit and creates that bright red dot(like a teeny little blood blister type thing?).mine have been checked by my doc,and despite the fact that i do have liver affectation due to polycystic kidney disease,he said that the angiomas were in no way actually related to it at all.

As far as that lump you mentioned,i honestly don't really know about could be an actual muscle wad of some sort or scar tissue from your surgery or something along those lines.or it could also be part of your would really be just too hard to say without actually seeing it or palpating it.have you had it evaluated by your doc at all?this is what i would do if i were you,really.your doc knows just what is and is not supposed to be there and sometimes,just by feeling any sort of lump somewhere,they can tell whether it is sort of cystic(fluid filled) or a muscular wad or something else.but it really does need some evaluating.I do hope all is well.i wouldn't worry too overly much about the dots.i have found that in at least two areas on my stomach where i have these little dots are actually areas that i have rubbed alot?my kidneys are always kind of achey just because they are getting larger due to the cysts forming in them and on them.these areas could have just suffered one of those tiny breaks just from me rubbing that area you also have a tendancy to rub this area alot?sometimes we just do it without even realizing it thru out the day.espescially when it is just 'there" and we naturally just keep feeling for it,you know what i mean?just one possibility.i would definitely get this evaled tho.peace of mind if nothing else.let me know how things go,K? marcia

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