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Join the club as mine have been elevated for a year now. I have had every test you can think plus a biopsy and nothing shows except a small cyst from the MRI which they say means nothing. I go for a new set of blood tests next Wednesday and if they are still high he is going to put me on Zetia because my cholestoral is 231 and I have been off Zocor for about a year now trying to find out what is causing these elevated ezymes. I started to take milk thistle a few weeks ago hoping this helps. I have occassional discomfort on my right side by my liver but that's it beside the elevated enzymes. I was anemic a few months ago and the gastro doctor found small ulcers in my small bowel area that are not bleeding as of the last capsule endoscopy. My ferrtin was 3 and is now 54 so he is happy with that. Isn't it just great when we get these problems and no one knows what the cause is???

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