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Re: Confused
Oct 11, 2007
Just did a search on your symptoms and found these comments in other chat.

About old stool coloring:
I have read liver problem can cause light colored stools, either white, or gray, or very light yellow.

Adrenal disfunction can cause a multitude of symptoms. Make sure that doctor takes his time with you. Hey, also found out from my aunt today that my other aunt had thyroid and adrenal problems and so is my uncle and my cousin - sounds like there is some "genetics" going on here.

Bile, made by the liver and stored in the gallbladder, gives stool it's color. If the stool is white, it is an indication that bile isn't moving from the gallbladder into the intestines. Bile moves in response to a meal with fat. When fat exits the stomach and enters the duodenum at the beginning of the small intestines, the duodenum sends a message to the pancreas to tell the liver to move bile into the small intestine to break down the fats. If bile is absent, the problem can be with the pancreas, liver, [or possibly a blocked bile duct] the gallbladder or the biliary tree [oh...yea]. This can be dangerous if left untreated. Take her to the doctor to get checked out ASAP. If she begins to have personality or memory changes, take her to the ER.

I added this, mainly because I've never had this "coloring" problem. I do think your fatty liver disorder is at the root of your problem still, and must be treated therefore, but may have now caused other disorders - as in me with advancing osteoprosis faster, spleenomegally (spelling off) and hypertensive something that makes them stick a tube down my throat periodically to put rubberbands around protrusions (called varicies) in my esophogus (sorry getting too lazy to look up correct spellings). And other things - the most life threatening being ascitis - my swollen belly of 2 years. Makes me look like I've got a beer gut - but I never got the pleasure of making a real one, 'cause I never drank - ever.

I am hoping your left arm, chest pain was not a heart incident - get an EKG, but it may be tied to an internal bleeding problem which led to a heart incident - see next paragraph. And I hope the lump was just a swollen gland - a high white blood cell count would indicate an infection that can do that - but you said nothing about it's being treated either. If you weren't and because the heating pad would be a literally stupid suggestion with an infection, I would consider a different doctor - and not just for a second opinion - I mean change doctors for whatever she was doing - then go beyond your regular doctor to a hepatolgist and make him your main caregiver, even if your regular doctor has to approve everything he/she does for insurance purposes.

The reason is, I think it is not impossible for your liver problems to have caused that last fainting spell you mentioned although it seems contradictory to say this. If your liver is not functioning at all, the liquor is not cleansed from your blood by it so it can get to and cross the blood/brain barrier and overdose you on ethinol (sp). But if you have no function left, your platelet count goes down since blood cannot flow its regular routes (the spleen gets involved here somehow, too). Mine is less than 20,000 out of the 150,000 it's supposed to be. This lack of flow is what also forces fluid into the abdomen, hence the non-beer, beer gut. But again, you don't mention that symptom nor a bleeding problem, so I think you do still have some liver function left. God Willing. As I said - it's time for a bunch more tests - which should inlcude COMPLETE liver profile blood tests and an Ultrasound, and which may include MRI's, CT's and endoscopies.

(Maybe I should also add a disclaimer that I have no idea what I'm talking about, but only that I have found the liver is a much bigger influence on our health than many doctors indicate or learn and that not all know when to properly refer a patient to a liver specialist, a hepatologist.)

PS. FYI, the only "alternative medicine" that a hepatologist accepts seems to be Milk Thistle in the 175mg 3 times a day version which can be found at most pharmacies and Walmart, etc. Switzerlands equivalent of the FDA, however, has tested and approved Liv-52 which is too expensive for me. It can be bought only on the Internet.

I hope I was a little more helpful (and less whiny) this time. Again, Good luck and God Bless.

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